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Winter Blues

3 Mar

Written for

Sunday Photo Fiction: March 1, 2015

copyright - Joe Owens 2015

photo copyright – Joe Owens 2015

Winter Blues

Percy and his friends shudder visibly and try to turn their backs to the biting wind. On this seventeenth consecutive day of sub-zero weather, everyone’s nerves are frazzled. What possible reason could their leader have to call a meeting out here this morning? Has the cold affected his brain?


Paulie clears his throat and the flock falls silent

“I imagine you are wondering why I have called you here today..”

The ensemble coos in response

“I have made an amazing discovery” he says proudly puffing out his chest. “I have found a way for us to escape winter. See that warehouse across the street? I have been spying on them . Everything they have shipped out this week is headed to Mexico. We are going to stow away in one of their crates.”

With tears of joy they all fly over and manage to squeeze into a large box of oranges. All that is, except Percy.

As everyone knows, there are leaders and there are followers and fortunately Percy was neither. He sat on top of the “share an idea” sign and watched as the truck carrying his mates left the garage and headed north for Canada.


FootPrints SCI Recovery

10 Oct

I am posting this because I believe it is important to always have hope. We are proud of our niece and especially proud of her daughter who was never willing to give up. Let them be our guiding light..


Please feel free to click on the link above and check out the amazing things that they do ..

Blessed Salts Inc.

18 Sep

Written for: Friday Fictioneers

19 September 2014


Photo copyright: Dawn Q. Landau or even better..Tales From the Motherland Facebook page and give her a “like”


The C.E.O of Blessed Salts Inc. was giving a presentation to his American investors.

“We only hire workers who are over the age of seventy” he said proudly. “In exchange for their labor they are given free room and board in luxury suites. We also supply clothing and all necessities of life.”

“Interesting concept” says the Governor of Vermont “does that keep them from stealing?”

“Unfortunately no” came the answer as a gunshot rang out “if we catch them we shoot them. They are  going to  burden  their families if we fire them. Besides,  the elderly are expendable.”

“Surviving Childhood”

16 Sep

Written for:

Sunday Photo Fiction: September 14th 2014

Rail track taken in colour and adjusted to sepia via the after touch menu on the camera to age the image


Surviving Childhood

My siblings and I were born to a mother who made a tobacco company rich. Pregnancy did not deter her from her favorite pastime,  our infancy  spent in a haze of smoke. When we were kids mom would send my sister and I out for the day. We each carried a sandwich filled with peanut butter and jelly and a mason jar containing koolaid. We never worried about peanut allergies or sugar intake back then. Our days  filled with exploring the woods nearby, nobody feared being kidnapped by sexual deviants, everyone knew who the “creepy” neighbor was and we always avoided him. We played on train tracks that were heavily doused in d.d.t. to keep down the weeds. We pulled chunks off of the salt licks in the farmer’s fields and ate them and played with the mercury we got by breaking open thermometers. We rode our bicycles without helmets, sometimes three to a bike, yet we managed to survive. But now my sister is gone. Not the results of a damaging childhood but at the hand of someone who thought he could drive, eat his lunch, and chat on his cell phone all at the same time. A multitasking God, so to speak. My sister, rest her soul, wiped out by an idiot.

A Reflection On Life..

11 Sep

Written for Friday Fictioneers

12 September 2014

Copyright - Janet Webb

Photo Copyright – Janet Webb

A Reflection On Life..

She walked into her bathroom and locked the door leaving all the pretence behind her. The face that stared back at her from the mirror was pale, the eyes haunted.

Her hospital stay had been a whirlwind of activity. The day of her surgery a haze of medications and questions. Always questions. How do you feel? Do you want to talk about it?

She slowly unbuttoned her blouse revealing the bandage beneath. With trembling hands and heavy heart she unwound the gauze and stared at what remained of her femininity. It’s just a breast..it’s just a breast


30 Jul

Written for: Friday Fictioneers

1 August 2014

PHOTO PROMPT- Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

PHOTO PROMPT- Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields    

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of emotion, first a wedding and then a funeral. Fifteen days after saying our vows we are finally arriving at our honeymoon destination. Through the small window I can see the beautiful Irish landscape as we make our approach into Cork, land of your Father and Grandfather. My heart skips a beat as we touch down.
I can hardly believe we have finally arrived. Stepping off the plane onto the tarmac I taste the early morning air then stand patiently to the side while they unload your coffin from the cargo hold.

Gratitude Challenge

26 Jul

July 21 – 26

I was given the challenge of putting into words, three things I am grateful for- on five consecutive days. This is my list:

Gratitude Challenge Day 1
1) I am eternally grateful to a custom’s officer who offered comfort, coffee, and most of all hope to a child who had given up.
2) I am grateful for all my wonderful teachers who encouraged me to put my thoughts into words. A special mention for Mrs. A .
3) I am grateful that McCoy finally got the hint and asked me out. There was no room left in my school locker for another cigarette..

Gratitude Challenge Day 2
1) I am grateful for every year I have spent married to my best friend and hope for many more ( is that being grateful and greedy? )
2) I am grateful to have known my great-grandmother. She was my lifejacket in stormy seas..AND she was “cool” !
3) I am grateful that my children know that I love them. I have never wanted them to doubt that..

Gratitude Challenge Day 3
1) I am grateful that my brother Mike is in my life. Don’t listen to what he tells you..he has worshipped me since day one
2) I am grateful for mamograms ~ seriously~ without which..who knows?
3) No offence to the “cat people” but I am grateful for my dog. I have never had anyone greet me after a mere one hour absence the way that Buddy does, He listens without judgement and forgives without rancor.He is also an awesome cuddler..

Gratitude Challenge Day 4
1) I am grateful for every sunrise. Every day is a gift ~ tomorrow is not a promise, it is a hope..
2) I am grateful for sisters-in law. My sisters from another Mother..each and every one beautiful on the inside and out
3) I ) am grateful for Grandchildren. They are my reward for growing old

First off, I want to thank Wesley for giving me this assignment. It has been an opportunity to reflect on the things in life that really count.

Gratitude Challenge Day 5
1) I am grateful for my circle of friends..some whom I have never met in person. Especially Cynthia who reached out to me when I needed it most.
2) I am grateful for Julie, Daniel and Melissa. The family would not be the same without you. My children have chosen wisely
3) I am grateful to all of you for allowing me into your lives. Namaste.

Shooting Stars

15 Jul


Carpe Diem Haiku Kai Shadow #2, Shooting Stars


perseid showers

listening to whispered prayers

when all hope seems lost


pmc 15/07/14



1 Jun

Written for:

Sunday Photo Fiction: June 1st 2014

Someone told me that shoes over a wire like this, signifies drugs for sale nearby. That may or may not be true. But you could use it for anything.

As ballet class ended, my sister sprinted past me with her sneakers hung across her shoulder. “Last one home is a rotten egg” she called as he leapt on her bike and sped off. “You better stop and change your shoes before you get home or Mama is going to kill you” I yelled at her back as she turned the corner.

As twelve-year-old twins we had three loves. Ballet, our bicycles, and each other. Jillian and I often did not need words to communicate, we had a connection that was beyond explanation. I tucked my dance slippers into my backpack and pedaled off in the same direction that my sister had taken minutes earlier. Suddenly a sharp pain hit me square in my chest nearly knocking me to the ground. I knew in that instant that she had been hurt. Pedalling as fast as I could, I finally caught up to her a mere block from home.

My breath was sucked out of me as I tried to take it all in. The beautiful mauve bicycle with its wheels bent like a piece of modern art. Jill’s shoes that dangled high above on the power lines, then Jill herself lying motionless on a lawn just up ahead. Throwing down my bike I ran to her and dropping to the ground beside her I took her cold hand in mine. As the distant wailing of sirens became louder she slowly opened her eyes and whispered ” I need to change my shoes.”

Gate Keeper

31 May

Written for:

Light and Shade Challenge Friday 30th May 2014

Here is the quote:
Don’t ever take a fence down until you know the reason it was put up.

 G K Chesterton
I put up a fence
to impose my will
it holds in the things I love
and keeps them close
for those who dare to venture past
it is a symbol of my mistrust
a boundary between you
and what is mine
I don’t recall the exact reason
my purpose for erecting it
but I have become dependant
it’s my psychological buffer zone
from those who can harm me
my false sense of security
perhaps it is the other way around
it is there to protect you from me
I wish I could remember
but for now the gate stays locked