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25 Feb

Our assignment:

Your prompt: drawer

Today’s form: ode



Inside my mind a chest of drawers

with treasures found within

like lady’s linen handkerchiefs

well-worn and dearly loved

the lingering scent of her perfume

her laugh like summer rain

the memory of her warm embrace

that brings my heart such pain

I keep her under lock and key

where she is safe from harm

and though our visit bittersweet

I’ll always love my Mom


20 Oct

Haibun Thinking – October 14th 2014

Grown up, and that is a terribly hard thing to do.
It is much easier to skip it
and go from one childhood to another.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald


A young cavalier climbed upon the black stallion and as the carousel began to turn he reached out to grasp the brass ring. Decades passed in ups and downs, an eternal loop without beginning or end, but still his arm remained extended trying to snatch the prize.
As time wore on,  and out of frustration, he began lashing out  angrily at those who love him. He began to let his inability to succeed eat away at his health and his soul. The older he got the further away the ring became.
Sadly, as our rider and his steed head into the sunset years he is still unaware that he has held the prize in his hands since birth. The greatest gift of all, slips slowly through his fingers.
The gift of     family
seeking  his pleasure
in ownership and wealth
a man’s downfall

Cherry Blossom revisited

9 Oct

Carpe Diem #578, Hatsu Hana (March 2013)

first cherry blossoms

become bridal veil of pink

until the winds blow

pmc 2013


carpet of blossoms

lie forgotten at our feet

beneath blood red moon

pmc 2014

Note: The moon turned blood red on April 15, 2014 during a total lunar eclipse visible from most of North America, South America, Hawaii and parts of Alaska.





Shooting Stars

15 Jul


Carpe Diem Haiku Kai Shadow #2, Shooting Stars


perseid showers

listening to whispered prayers

when all hope seems lost


pmc 15/07/14



5 Jul

written for:

Light and Shade Challenge Friday 4 July 2014

Image courtesy of freeimages.co.uk

some men got together to measure

something that would give her great pleasure

she stroked every one

and when she was done

chose the carpet she knew she would treasure


Solstice in Montreal

22 Jun


Photo Copyright: Wesley McCoy


solstice sunset

from the top of Mount Royal

hues of pink and grey




Carpe Diem Special #97

14 Jun

Carpe Diem Special #97, BrunuhVille’s “Riversong”

tranquil forest brook
in the murmuring waters
nature’s voice is heard

Two In A Boat

13 Jun

Written for:

Sunday Photo Fiction: June 8th 2014

A two crew craft from the local rowing craft.

Photo copyright: A. Forbes


abandoned upon pebbled beach

the ocean just beyond its reach

a tiny boat will sit and wait

for its captain and its mate

whilst they go off in search of treasure

have picnic lunch

and carnal pleasure

when all of this

is said and done

they’ll glide away

towards setting sun

what they don’t know

is bitter-sweet

in nine months time

they’ll need three seats

Tan Renga Challenge # 35

17 May

Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge #35, Managua’s “let the ravens come”

  Credits: Raven
Here is the haiku by Managua which is our first stanza (5-7-5) of this Tan Renga.
let the ravens come
let them smile as they pick the flesh
from the battlefield

Managua of “Fresh From a Hermit’s Forest

tan renga:

let the ravens come
let them smile as they pick the flesh
from the battlefield
let life’s blood like river flow
as death rattles fall silent


Haiku Shuukan #3 Courtesan

3 May

Haiku Shuukan #3 Courtesan

robes of finest silk

will fall softly to the floor

for he who has coins