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Cold Day In Hell

5 Dec

Written for Friday Fictioneers

5 December 2014

flowers with Ice-Janet Webb (2)

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright Janet Webb


“It’ll be a cold day in hell before I let you leave.” Father’s slurred words interspersed with the snapping of his belt as he swung the buckle at mother’s face. Luckily, in his drunken state, his aim was not as good as usual.

We children crept off to bed, desperate to remain unnoticed until he passed out. Tomorrow would be tears, forgive me’s, kiss and make- up. We’d seen it a million times.

My sister woke me in the dark and I shivered despite the August moon.Wrapping myself in a blanket I looked out the window to see what had her so excited…


FootPrints SCI Recovery

10 Oct

I am posting this because I believe it is important to always have hope. We are proud of our niece and especially proud of her daughter who was never willing to give up. Let them be our guiding light..


Please feel free to click on the link above and check out the amazing things that they do ..

May You Always Know

30 Nov



I will always be ready

to hold your umbrella

and shelter you from storms

I’ll share in your rainbows

and all of your sad times

for you and I are one

Love Nana




Remembering Angel

6 Nov


two years ago today

a loss that time nor tears cannot erase

upon my dying breath I’ll pray

to gaze once more upon her face


Ligo Haibun Challenge 04/10-10/10

8 Oct

Ligo Haibun Challenge 04/10-10/10

Stepped on eggshells


The physical scars will heal after a time, unfortunately the repeated injuries to the neck and legs will eventually take their toll. Even the emotional abuse will slowly fade into my memory popping up less and less often until I convince myself ( wrongly) that I am finally over it.

The real torture is the guilt I still carry. What did I do to make him hate me so deeply ? Can anyone hate that much without reason?  Why did Mother allow him to hurt us by ignoring his actions? What was my part in this? So many questions that will never be answered.

I hear others speaking about things they did when they were children and I realize that we were no different, yet we were a world apart. We lived every day in fear of making the slightest error that would lead to a deserved punishment. A childhood spent walking on egg shells.

mother had the strength

to protect one child

pity she had three

New histories – new beginnings

5 May

opening leaves

we cannot change the past

but we can make new histories

choosing to forget

a childhood of misery

together a brother and sister

have chosen a new beginning

rebuilding the love and trust

that carried them through the tough times

putting aside the lies and hurt

that kept them apart for too many years

appreciating the closeness we have today

despite the miles that separate us

there is a such thing as second chances

and I am truly thankful for mine


Missing You

18 Nov

So here’s the thing..I did not expect hugs and tears.

Two brothers seeing each other for the first time in more than

twenty years. What I did think ( quite stupidly ) was that

the younger would ask questions like what happened

in the years since we last saw you, or even perhaps

where were you all those years. What he got was nothing-nada.

The entire conversation was how long did it take you to get here

and how far are you from such and such.

I have to admit, I felt like it was only about showing the

girlfriend what the older brother looks like.

I fell badly for #1.  I have gotten used  to the “me,me,me”

attitude of baby brother – the main reason I flushed him from

from my  life – but he even managed to surpass the amount of

stupidity I credited him for. Total length of visit 20 minutes.

Just damn pitiful.

We enjoyed OUR weekend more than I can tell you. I feel so lucky

to have a big brother ( and his S.O )

I just hope he was not too hurt by the royal visit.

The marriage proposal

10 Nov


The new and improved way for a fellow

to propose to his beloved is raising the bar

for grooms of the future. You can now hire a” proposal

planner”. Like the wedding planner this person will help

the hopeful prospect  to plan out a memorable proposal.

This leads me to the question, how many of you remember

your wedding proposal ?

I would like to take a moment to congratulate my

Aunt and Uncle who will be celebrating 51 years of

marriage tomorrow.  I love you both very much and

wish for you many more years together.  You two are

living proof that true love does exist. Cheers !




Birthdays and Sorrow

6 Nov

With heavy heart we mark this day

What would have been your first birthday

Thank you for all the lessons you have taught me

  • to appreciate the gift of every day
  • never to take anything for granted
  • not to wait for tomorrow to say I love you

Sweet Angel I love you with all that I am

Please continue to watch over us

Happy Birthday little one

love Nana

An Angry Acrostic

11 Oct

How is it you believe that I have an

Obligation to forgive him for

Lies and deceptions that

Destroyed my childhood

I was guilty yet innocent

Not yet thirteen but

Giving up and ready to die


An Angel interceded that day


Growing up was misery

Retreating behind my wall

Unwilling to love or trust anyone

Defending against my demons

Go and judge me from your pedestal

Even God understands why I am


holding a grudge