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22 Dec

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Sunday Photo Fiction – December 21st 2014

92 12 December 21st 2014

When I emigrated to Mars in the late fall of 2020 I  discovered my niche. With a large group of like-minded neighbors we founded our own community of Humbug. As the civic leader it was my responsibility to see to it that no Christmas paraphernalia found it’s way in.

Holliday greetings were seen on the same scale as a filthy cuss and subject to a public mouth washing beneath the bright lights of town square. Social media was forbidden to engage in the yearly spat that took place back on earth  between the season’s greetings and merry christmas factions.

With no  brightly lit trees, no tacky light shows to pollute the neighborhood, and no chunky men in ill fitting velour suits; life was good. Until..

The blaring of sirens woke me from my  strange dream. Trying to shake the vision of dancing lollipops from my brain I stumbled to the window and shoved my head out to try and see what the commotion was all about. As I looked toward the sky, a  sleigh pulled by reindeer passed before Phobos and Deimos. “That’s impossible” I muttered to myself. The rest, as they say, is history…

Cold Day In Hell

5 Dec

Written for Friday Fictioneers

5 December 2014

flowers with Ice-Janet Webb (2)

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright Janet Webb


“It’ll be a cold day in hell before I let you leave.” Father’s slurred words interspersed with the snapping of his belt as he swung the buckle at mother’s face. Luckily, in his drunken state, his aim was not as good as usual.

We children crept off to bed, desperate to remain unnoticed until he passed out. Tomorrow would be tears, forgive me’s, kiss and make- up. We’d seen it a million times.

My sister woke me in the dark and I shivered despite the August moon.Wrapping myself in a blanket I looked out the window to see what had her so excited…


Carpe Diem

5 Dec
 Haibun Thinking – December 2nd 2014

Film Quote

“Carpe diem. Seize the day boys, make your lives extraordinary”
~ Dead poets Society (Robin Williams)

File:Poinsettia leaves.jpg


This has been an extraordinarily difficult year for my co-worker. While recovering from surgery and the aftermath of complications upon complications, she was hit with the sudden deaths of her only remaining family. Her mom and younger sister the victims of an intoxicated driver .

Putting all this drama aside, she returned to work despite management’s offer of personal time off. Every evening she has been here to greet clients with her lovely smile and “hello, how can I help you?” They, never suspecting the pain and heroic effort behind each word. Like Robin Williams her beautiful soul wept behind a mask.

Somehow her secret got out. We have no idea how ~ Santa perhaps? Late yesterday afternoon shortly after her shift began a beautiful poinsettia arrived at  her desk with an envelope. Inside the envelope was a voucher for a weekend at a local spa and a gift card . A folded paper  revealed the signatures of dozens of our regular clients.

We found her sobbing uncontrollably in the staff room. She kept repeating “I don’t deserve this”. She cannot be any further from the truth. Après la pluie le beau temps. She has been an example of professionalism above and beyond anything any of us are capable of. Carpe diem my friend, this day is yours.

from out of the dark

even the humblest  weeds

will have their day