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20 Oct

Haibun Thinking – October 14th 2014

Grown up, and that is a terribly hard thing to do.
It is much easier to skip it
and go from one childhood to another.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald


A young cavalier climbed upon the black stallion and as the carousel began to turn he reached out to grasp the brass ring. Decades passed in ups and downs, an eternal loop without beginning or end, but still his arm remained extended trying to snatch the prize.
As time wore on,  and out of frustration, he began lashing out  angrily at those who love him. He began to let his inability to succeed eat away at his health and his soul. The older he got the further away the ring became.
Sadly, as our rider and his steed head into the sunset years he is still unaware that he has held the prize in his hands since birth. The greatest gift of all, slips slowly through his fingers.
The gift of     family
seeking  his pleasure
in ownership and wealth
a man’s downfall

FootPrints SCI Recovery

10 Oct

I am posting this because I believe it is important to always have hope. We are proud of our niece and especially proud of her daughter who was never willing to give up. Let them be our guiding light..


Please feel free to click on the link above and check out the amazing things that they do ..

Cherry Blossom revisited

9 Oct

Carpe Diem #578, Hatsu Hana (March 2013)

first cherry blossoms

become bridal veil of pink

until the winds blow

pmc 2013


carpet of blossoms

lie forgotten at our feet

beneath blood red moon

pmc 2014

Note: The moon turned blood red on April 15, 2014 during a total lunar eclipse visible from most of North America, South America, Hawaii and parts of Alaska.





Living in the past

7 Oct

I am happy to welcome back  Haibun Thinking after a well deserved rest . Please pay them a visit and take the time to read ..each story as diverse as the authors. It can be found here:

HAIBUN THINKING – October 7th 2014

arthur-browne                                                                                 © Arthur Browne

How could I have failed to see the beauty of the maples reflecting in the pond as large koi danced in the dappled shadows? How could I have been deaf to the songs of the birds and the chirping of crickets ?

I sat there on the granite bench beneath Buddha’s gaze and felt sorry for myself. I was drowning in self-pity and angry with my life. Why was I still here when I had nothing to live for?

A stranger came along and sat down next to me, although the benches beside me were unoccupied. I felt put out about this intrusion but was too polite to speak up. We sat in silence for several minutes and then he spoke first. He told me how he had come to this park every day for the last twenty years. Today would be his last, he was going far away and would never be able to return.

With tears in his eyes he held out his hand and placed a rose in mine. “I always toss one in the water before I leave” he said “I was hoping you would do it for me when I’m gone.”  “Presumptuous of you” I though as he walked away.

A  passing woman  stopped and stared. “Mr. Warner used to sit on that very bench every day and toss in a flower” she said “that is until last weekend. He died and they are burying him today. He will finally be reunited with his little daughter who drowned in this pool.”

I was dumbfounded. The grey clouds suddenly lifted from my soul and the warm sun thawed the ice in my veins. I have so much in my life that I have not been thankful for, choosing to only see the negative and ignoring the moments of joy each day brings. I saw how a man’s sorrow could keep him from moving forward by chaining him to the past.

Leaning forward I dropped the rose into the water. “Farewell..I will not return. You can rest in peace.”

living in the past

while ignoring the present

there is no future


Summer of ’75

5 Oct

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Sunday Photo Fiction: October 5th 2014

Two statues symbolizing Cross Channel Swimmers

It was the summer of 1975 when  beaches up and down the New England coast were covered with sunbathers but not a soul ventured into the ocean. Steven Spielberg saw to that..

Michael and his mail-order Russian bride were enjoying the first day of their honeymoon.

“Let’s go in” Natacha insisted.

“There may be great white sharks in the water” Mike warned.

“Silly boy” she scoffed “It’s just a movie, come; teach me to swim.”

Not wishing to appear unmanly he gave in and carried her into deep waters where he held her tightly around her waist as she thrashed about. From over his shoulder she saw a tell-tale finn heading straight for them. At the last possible moment she broke free and swam for the shore in the long effortless strokes.

“SHARK” she screamed

Poor Michael, in spite of being an olympic class swimmer, could not keep up. The new widow tried to look upset as the remains of the shark’s lunch was pulled from the water..

you don’t need to be the better swimmer to escape a shark .. only faster