Gratitude Challenge

26 Jul

July 21 – 26

I was given the challenge of putting into words, three things I am grateful for- on five consecutive days. This is my list:

Gratitude Challenge Day 1
1) I am eternally grateful to a custom’s officer who offered comfort, coffee, and most of all hope to a child who had given up.
2) I am grateful for all my wonderful teachers who encouraged me to put my thoughts into words. A special mention for Mrs. A .
3) I am grateful that McCoy finally got the hint and asked me out. There was no room left in my school locker for another cigarette..

Gratitude Challenge Day 2
1) I am grateful for every year I have spent married to my best friend and hope for many more ( is that being grateful and greedy? )
2) I am grateful to have known my great-grandmother. She was my lifejacket in stormy seas..AND she was “cool” !
3) I am grateful that my children know that I love them. I have never wanted them to doubt that..

Gratitude Challenge Day 3
1) I am grateful that my brother Mike is in my life. Don’t listen to what he tells you..he has worshipped me since day one
2) I am grateful for mamograms ~ seriously~ without which..who knows?
3) No offence to the “cat people” but I am grateful for my dog. I have never had anyone greet me after a mere one hour absence the way that Buddy does, He listens without judgement and forgives without rancor.He is also an awesome cuddler..

Gratitude Challenge Day 4
1) I am grateful for every sunrise. Every day is a gift ~ tomorrow is not a promise, it is a hope..
2) I am grateful for sisters-in law. My sisters from another Mother..each and every one beautiful on the inside and out
3) I ) am grateful for Grandchildren. They are my reward for growing old

First off, I want to thank Wesley for giving me this assignment. It has been an opportunity to reflect on the things in life that really count.

Gratitude Challenge Day 5
1) I am grateful for my circle of friends..some whom I have never met in person. Especially Cynthia who reached out to me when I needed it most.
2) I am grateful for Julie, Daniel and Melissa. The family would not be the same without you. My children have chosen wisely
3) I am grateful to all of you for allowing me into your lives. Namaste.


2 Responses to “Gratitude Challenge”

  1. martha0stout July 26, 2014 at 1:17 pm #

    These types of challenges make the best posts, I’ve found.

  2. Steve Lakey July 27, 2014 at 11:55 am #

    A little gratitude can be so contagious! I think I may have caught a dose from reading this! Thank you! I’ll pass it on. 🙂

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