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30 Jul

Written for: Friday Fictioneers

1 August 2014

PHOTO PROMPT- Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

PHOTO PROMPT- Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields    

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of emotion, first a wedding and then a funeral. Fifteen days after saying our vows we are finally arriving at our honeymoon destination. Through the small window I can see the beautiful Irish landscape as we make our approach into Cork, land of your Father and Grandfather. My heart skips a beat as we touch down.
I can hardly believe we have finally arrived. Stepping off the plane onto the tarmac I taste the early morning air then stand patiently to the side while they unload your coffin from the cargo hold.

..They Will Come

27 Jul

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Sunday Photo Fiction: July 27th 2014

70 07 July 27th 2014 Balderdash was in a crisis. Since the closing of the woolen mill a year ago,  half of the townsfolk had moved away to to the big city leaving the tiny town in financial ruin. A meeting was held in Our Lady Of Lost Causes Church as a last ditch attempt to save the community from bankruptcy. When widow Miller hobbled up to the altar the hundred or so people in attendance snickered behind her back. What does an old biddy know?  After clearing her throat and patiently waiting for the noise to die down she presented her proposal. When she was done everyone began to talk at once.

“Genius” said some

” Gobsmackingly awesome” said others

So thats how it happened, that by the light of the moon, the inhabitants of Balderdash constructed the ruins of an “ancestral palace“.

Before you could say “codswallop”,  tourists were pouring in by the bus load. The town flourished and widow Miller opened a kiosk where visitors could purchase the written history of the historically significant site which she herself had written.

Gratitude Challenge

26 Jul

July 21 – 26

I was given the challenge of putting into words, three things I am grateful for- on five consecutive days. This is my list:

Gratitude Challenge Day 1
1) I am eternally grateful to a custom’s officer who offered comfort, coffee, and most of all hope to a child who had given up.
2) I am grateful for all my wonderful teachers who encouraged me to put my thoughts into words. A special mention for Mrs. A .
3) I am grateful that McCoy finally got the hint and asked me out. There was no room left in my school locker for another cigarette..

Gratitude Challenge Day 2
1) I am grateful for every year I have spent married to my best friend and hope for many more ( is that being grateful and greedy? )
2) I am grateful to have known my great-grandmother. She was my lifejacket in stormy seas..AND she was “cool” !
3) I am grateful that my children know that I love them. I have never wanted them to doubt that..

Gratitude Challenge Day 3
1) I am grateful that my brother Mike is in my life. Don’t listen to what he tells you..he has worshipped me since day one
2) I am grateful for mamograms ~ seriously~ without which..who knows?
3) No offence to the “cat people” but I am grateful for my dog. I have never had anyone greet me after a mere one hour absence the way that Buddy does, He listens without judgement and forgives without rancor.He is also an awesome cuddler..

Gratitude Challenge Day 4
1) I am grateful for every sunrise. Every day is a gift ~ tomorrow is not a promise, it is a hope..
2) I am grateful for sisters-in law. My sisters from another Mother..each and every one beautiful on the inside and out
3) I ) am grateful for Grandchildren. They are my reward for growing old

First off, I want to thank Wesley for giving me this assignment. It has been an opportunity to reflect on the things in life that really count.

Gratitude Challenge Day 5
1) I am grateful for my circle of friends..some whom I have never met in person. Especially Cynthia who reached out to me when I needed it most.
2) I am grateful for Julie, Daniel and Melissa. The family would not be the same without you. My children have chosen wisely
3) I am grateful to all of you for allowing me into your lives. Namaste.

Blind Date

24 Jul

Written For: Friday Fictioneers

25 July 2014

Copyright - Marie Gail Stratford

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright – Marie Gail Stratford


My ( soon to be former ) friend has set me up on yet another blind date,  so hot on the heels of the man from plaid and a rhinestone cowboy comes this..

While he is busily assaulting my ears with irrefutable proof of his supreme intelligence I signal the waiter. “You’re one of those fork people” my date says rolling his eyes because he, of course, has mastered the chopsticks.

I simply smile and nod then spend my evening trying hard not to fixate on what is clearly 3/4 of his meal as it dries to  the front of his paisley shirt.

Deflating One’s Ego

21 Jul

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Sunday Photo Fiction: July 20th 2014

Heads up..slightly naughty..

69 07 July 20th 2014

Nancy was insanely jealous of her older sister. Linda would just step out the door and the boys would come running like ants to a picnic while she went unnoticed. “If I could just grow some boobies” she grumbled as she checked her profile in the mirror hoping to see some improvement. Mama told her to stop worrying and just be herself but what did she know?

The girls had just arrived at their grandparent’s for a weekend sleep over and as usual Linda was the center of attention. “Not this time!” Nancy thought ..

After hooking on one of her sister’s bras, Nancy inserted two water-filled balloons. She had been very careful to ensure that they appeared of equal size. She pulled on a tee-shirt that stretched to its seams and stepped into the street and headed to where a group of boys were playing street soccer.

Because of her inability to see her feet, she tripped over someones backpack and fell flat on her face; her “breasts” exploding like an A-bomb.


16 Jul

Written for: Friday Fictioneers

18 July 2014

PHOTO PROMPT - Copyright - Adam Ickes

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Adam Ickes


John had an appointment with the * small business loans * director at his local bank. He felt very nervous as he was shown into the office with his business plan in hand. As he took his seat he could not help staring at the ram that stood in the corner. Noticing his gaze, the director simply stated that it was his financial advisor.

After presenting his case, John was told that he would have a reply within the hour. He thanked the man and left.

“So what do you think Marvin?” queried the manager

“Naaaaa” replied the advisor.

Shooting Stars

15 Jul


Carpe Diem Haiku Kai Shadow #2, Shooting Stars


perseid showers

listening to whispered prayers

when all hope seems lost


pmc 15/07/14


Gone Fishing

13 Jul

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Sunday Photo Fiction: July 13th 2014

68 07 July 13th 2014

Henry rowed his boat out to his favorite spot in the middle of the cove. At seventy-five years old it took him a little longer each time he came. No matter, he figured he still had a few good years of fishing ahead of him. It was his fondest wish to catch ” old George” reportedly the largest bass ever seen in these parts. He had never spotted it himself but had heard the stories of fellow fishermen who had almost landed the brute.

Suddenly his pole bent in a large arc as it caught on something far below. “No freaking way..” he thought excitedly as he slowly reeled in his prize. It took monumental effort to turn the handle yet strangely enough the fish did not put up a fight.

Suddenly his catch bobbed to the surface causing him to jump back in horror and nearly fall in the water. He found himself face to face with the bloated body of his wife who he had  tearfully reported missing a month before.

“Damn” he said to himself ” I knew I should have used a heavier stone..”

Best Friends

11 Jul

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Light and Shade Challenge Friday 11 July 2014

This time I chose the quote  

Sometimes when we are generous in small, barely detectable ways it can change someone else’s life forever.

Margaret Cho, weblog, 03-11-04
Best friends
Martha  dunked her doughnut into her drink then angrily bit off a  large chunk. I tried not to smile as a rivulet of coffee made its way down her bare arm.  “How could he lead me on like that?” she grumbled through her mouth full of boston crème “all men are pigs!”
Although she and I have been best friends since second grade she  has never looked at me as an available male, just as her buddy.
“Pity” I thought as I fought the urge to  kiss the powdered sugar that clung to her lips..

Standing Ovation

11 Jul

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Light and Shade Challenge Monday 7 July 2014

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Standing Ovation

We were the underdogs in the tournament so it was with immense pleasure that we won the pivotal game against the hometown favorites, and in their own stadium to boot.

As my mates and I made our way to our locker room I could hear the crowd chanting my name..


I turned around and made my way back up the ramp to the playing field outside. My head was swollen with pleasure and my heart literally pounded out of my chest as I ran to receive my ovation. I was a hero!

As I stepped into the sunlight a shoe hit me square on the forehead, a second one just grazing my shoulder. I ducked for cover as a plethora of footwear rained down from the bleachers.


they all screamed..