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28 Jun

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Light and Shade Challenge Friday 27 June 2014

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Mark had been out on the porch talking to his brother for over an hour. Martha passed the open window not meaning to eavesdrop..

Ya, she really looks like crap

you should be embarrassed to be seen with her in public

Guess I’m stuck ’till I can find a decent replacement

Several minutes later Mark comes indoors, unaware that his world is about to shatter. He pecks his seething wife on her cheek..

John and I are going out tomorrow to look at cars. I think old Betsy is on her last legs…

Martha is unable to stop the frying pan mid swing..


Angel Yard

26 Jun
I watch as pedestrians purposely avert their eyes as they pass the alley, as though  ignoring the blood stained wall can erase the horror of what happened to me here. Some may whisper a tiny prayer but if most were asked they would tell you that they are thankful it was no one of importance.
The foul deed, as yet unpunished, did not touch them. Besides, one less street urchin is not such a bad thing is it? At least the little beggar’s worries are over.Homeless children are, after all, expendable.
My murderer is watching too. His attention focused on a little red-head clutching her Mother’s hand. He licks his lips in anticipation. I was just the appetizer


Wendy’s letter

22 Jun

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Sunday Photo Fiction: June 22nd 2014

65 06 June 22nd 2014

photo copyright: A. Forbes



Dear Mommy

last week when you left for work and did not come home daddy said it was cuz you have gone to live with god in heaven. Why did you have to go? Was it cuz I was bad and left my dirty clothes on the bathroom floor? I am sorry. Daddy looks sab  sad and crys a lot now and he is always getting mad at Penny and me. I think it’s cuz he misses you. We miss you too. My birthday is next week and you promised to make me a princess cake with sprinkles. Can you please come home soon?

Love Wendy


Solstice in Montreal

22 Jun


Photo Copyright: Wesley McCoy


solstice sunset

from the top of Mount Royal

hues of pink and grey




Prince Charming

15 Jun

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Sunday Photo Fiction: June 15th 2014

64 06 June 15th 2014Prince Charming

Once upon a time, far away in the land of fairy tales, there lived a young maiden named Clara.

One morning as she was gathering flower petals for potpourri, she discovered a large frog beneath the rose bushes. Overjoyed and remembering her Nanny’s stories, she immediately kissed him smartly on his mouth; then placed him in the well for safe-keeping.

She checked on him several times throughout the day, growing increasingly impatient at his failure to transform into a handsome prince.

After several attempts she flew into a rage. Grasping him tightly she stomped into the kitchen where she demanded that the cook chop off his legs and cook them. The rest, as they say, is history…

Carpe Diem Special #97

14 Jun

Carpe Diem Special #97, BrunuhVille’s “Riversong”

tranquil forest brook
in the murmuring waters
nature’s voice is heard

Prove It

14 Jun

Light and Shade

Challenge – Friday 13th June 2014

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Prove it.
As I made my way slowly through the shadows in the woods,  the  only sound for miles was the  crunching of the gravel beneath my feet and the trees  that rustled their leaves in anger. Hidden in the branches a blackbird began taunting  me. “We saw what you did” he cackled.
“Prove it” I yelled back as I entered the clearing, sunlight reflecting off of the shovel I carried over my shoulder.

Two In A Boat

13 Jun

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Sunday Photo Fiction: June 8th 2014

A two crew craft from the local rowing craft.

Photo copyright: A. Forbes


abandoned upon pebbled beach

the ocean just beyond its reach

a tiny boat will sit and wait

for its captain and its mate

whilst they go off in search of treasure

have picnic lunch

and carnal pleasure

when all of this

is said and done

they’ll glide away

towards setting sun

what they don’t know

is bitter-sweet

in nine months time

they’ll need three seats


11 Jun

Written for Friday Fictioneers

13 June 2014

 PHOTO PROMPT Copyright-Ted Strutz

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright-Ted Strutz


The following is a transcript of a conversation between a dentist and her new assistant. I swear it is true..

Wow! What a gorgeous view of the harbour.

Precisely the reason I chose this location. There are always sailors and dock workers wanting emergency dentistry.

So your entire practice is walk-in? No appointments?

Exactly. Just one important on the phone you see the big red panic button?


It is a direct line to first responders.

 In case of an alergic reaction?

Yes, but mostly for when we present them with the bill.

Jumping In

2 Jun

Written for:

Light and Shade Challenge Monday 2nd June 2014

This weeks photo provided by Aesop Clerk

Please pay him a visit it is well worth the trip!

photo copyright Aesop Clerk
Jumping In
The Weston brothers left for a hike shortly after breakfast. They had walked for about half an hour when they became intrigued by the sound of rushing water. Having walked these woods many times since childhood they knew that there were no rivers or brooks nearby.
Leaving the path they made their way through rough terrain heading toward the sound. Finally after a few cuts and scrapes they entered into a clearing. Where before there was nothing, there now was a beautiful pond fed by a towering waterfall. The boys reached into the water, surprised by how warm it felt, in unison they agreed to jump in for a swim.
Hours later as the last rays of sun cast long shadows, searchers found hiking gear and two piles of clothing set neatly upon boots at the edge of a ravine. Over the cliff were the brother’s battered bodies, they had obviously jumped to their deaths together.
“I don’t believe it!” their father repeated , shaking his head incredulously, while in the gathering darkness the evil spirits rejoiced.