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Heir To The Throne

30 Apr

Written for: Friday Fictioneers

2 May 2014

Copyright - Renee Heath

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Renee Heath

The Queen’s labor had gone on all evening and into the wee hours of the morning. Her attendants lost count of how many candles had been lit but streams of cooled wax attested to the long night. Finally the child arrived. The doctor rushed out to seek the King..

Sire, you must go to your Queen immediately. The birth was long and difficult. She has lost a lot of blood and we are not sure we can save her.

What of my newborn son? My heir to the throne?

Sire, the child is a girl

Then they both shall die


Caught Cheating

28 Apr

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This week is their maiden voyage. Please pay them a visit and perhaps join in the fun.

Challenge – 28th April 2014


Shadow of love: Sadow of a couple kissing
Sandra woke up in the dark and realized that she was in bed alone.  She turned over to look at the clock in her parent’s guest room. 1:15 a.m.
Where has Bob gone? she wondered. Pulling on her bathrobe she slipped out of the room and down the stairs. The kitchen door was ajar so she stepped outside into the cool spring air.
She could hear whispering and soft laughter coming from the barn so she quietly  made her way over and opened the side door. In the soft glow of a lamps light she could make out the shadows of her husband..and brother? What the ..
Moving as stealthily as possible she moved torward them and suddenly stepped into the light, much to the surprise of the three men gathered there. Bob? Owen? Dad !
“I’m sorry honey” said her dad “but your mother is killing us with this health food kick she is on.”
“I didn’t want to wake you” mutters Bob as he shovels another heaping spoonful of ice-cream into his gob.
Her brother laughs at the expression on her face. “Ya better go git yerself a spoon eh..”

Million Dollar Man

27 Apr

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Sunday Photo Fiction: April 27th 2014

57 04 April 27th 2014photo: copyright Al Forbes


Harold and Mary’s son brought his new bride out to the homestead for the first time. She peered out the windows of the porsche and made a face.

“This place is just gross” she whined “it smells like..”

“Aw come on” Fred interjected quickly “it’s just for the weekend. It will make my parents happy.”

“I can’t believe you are making me do this.” Ellen continued to pout as she climbed out of the car and throughout the entire weekend. By Sunday afternoon her in-laws had had enough of miss prissy.

“Come with me” says Harold “I’ll show you how your husband made his millions.”

He leads her to a piece of farm equipment at the edge of a cornfield. “This machine he invented cuts the tops from cornstalks. Here, stand between the rows and I will show you how it works..”

Haiku Shuukan #2, blossom

27 Apr

Haiku Shuukan #2, blossom

blossoming trees

through eyes of despair

have no beauty

Suppertime Blues

26 Apr

Written for: Friday Fictioneers

25 April 2014

Copyright - Bjorn Brudberg

Photo Copyright – Björn Rudberg


Julius and his Grandfather found a way to earn some much-needed money by playing tunes from the “old country” as patrons feasted on meals that cost more than their monthly rent. They tried to ignore their burning hunger that was made worse by the wonderful aromas that wafted from the dinner plates.

In the darkness of the  Greek restaurant they poured their hearts and souls into the music, hoping that they would be invited back again tomorrow night by the owner whose kindhearted chef  rewards them with leftovers.

100 Nightmares is here!!!

24 Apr

The Eclectic Eccentric

Hi everyone! This is probably one of the proudest moments of my life. 🙂 haha All the hard work has finally paid off and I managed to make an eBook, yay!! I would like to thank everyone who supported me from the very beginning and those who are here for me still. 🙂

100 Nightmares is here!!! And it’s available at, and Smashwords.

100 Nightmares by K.Z. Morano is a collection of 100 horror stories, each written in exactly 100 words, and accompanied by over 50 illustrations. Inside, you’ll find monsters—both imagined and real. There are vengeful specters, characters with impaired psyches, dark fairy tales and stories and illustrations inspired by bizarre creatures of Japanese folklore.

Don’t have a Kindle? Don’t let that stop you from reading 100 Nightmares! The full-color versions of the book are available at and Smashwords as a downloadable epub…

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Haibun Thinking: Week 14 – April 22nd 2014

23 Apr

Haibun Thinking: Week 14 – April 22nd 2014

and Earth day..

Sally - My Beautiful Things








Frank and Wanda stand on the icy Hawaiian beach and watch as the massive waves come thundering in. “Look to the left” she yells at Frank “I see an iceberg!”

Strange to think that only two generations ago, people actually sun bathed and surfed on these shores. That was, of course, before pollution blotted out most of the sun and nuclear accidents changed the earth’s rotation.

treating our planet

with shocking indifference

when will it stop

Haiku Shuukan #1 Agony

22 Apr

Haiku Shuukan #1 Agony


late in the night

a telephone’s ringing

will break their hearts


Seeking Treasure

21 Apr

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Sunday Photo Fiction: April 20th 2014

56 04 April 20th 2014

Seeking Treasure

Hiroshi’s five sons are seated around their late father’s kitchen table with their laptop computers open. They argue among themselves over top of their screens.

Father was a wealthy man but also extremely cautious by nature. All of his accounts have been protected by intricate passwords and the sons are unable to access anything. Their only clue is the cryptic note left by their Father.

you will find what you seek

beneath the strongest

of the eight immortals

In the living room the twelve-year-old grandson sits looking down on his Grandfathers miniature zen garden. “Dad” he calls out “I know where it is..”

“Don’t bother us Son, can’t you see we are busy?”

The boy reaches out and lifts the largest stone, peers at the paper, then replaces it as he found it. “To heck with them” he grumbles.


eight immortals (Horai )

Hide and Seek

16 Apr

Written for: Friday Fictioneers

18 April 2014

Copyright - Douglas M. MacIlroy

Photo Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy


“You can’t find me!” Leah squeals with delight.” Should we do hot and cold?” she asks earnestly.

This has been our favorite game almost as long as she has been old enough to walk. Sometimes she puts a patch over one of my eyes and I am a pirate. Sometimes I wear masks, ( truth be told..I was a princess once ). Today I am a monster from the deep.

I  hear her breathing in the far corner of the room. “Am I hot or cold?”

“cold” she giggles

I turn my blind eyes toward her ..