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Haibun Thinking

28 Feb

Haibun Thinking: Week 6 – February 25th 2014

Literature Prompt

Today you are you!
That is truer than true!
There is no one alive who is you-er than you!

~ Dr Seuss

So who am I ?

A couple of years ago I met a very wise woman. The first thing she asked me when we met was “Who are you?”

I told her my name but she shook her head no. “I did not ask your name, I asked who you are. You smile all the time but it does not reach your eyes. They are filled with hurt. Who are you behind that invisible wall?”

I was taken by surprise that she could read me so well…that she could see my wall of protection.

I spent my childhood seeking the affection of an abusive father whose only love came from a bottle. When I got older I would give 200% of myself to others with no expectation of anything in return believing that I did not deserve it. Unknowingly I had remained that little girl hiding under her bed..and it was time to come out.

leaving its cocoon

a hesitant butterfly

learns to spread its wings


 Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting…


Carpe Diem #408, Kongofukuji (Temple 38)

27 Feb

Carpe Diem #408, Kongofukuji (Temple 38)

Today we arrive at temple 38, Kongofuku-ji, which is devoted to Senju Kannon or the Boddhisatva of Motherly Love and Mother of the World

Maria Kannon (The Virgin Mary diguised as Senju Kannon)


with an open heart

mother embraces mankind

like her newborn child


Online Dating..

26 Feb

Written for Friday Fictioneers found here:

28 February 2014

Copyright -Sandra Crook

Photo Copyright -Sandra Crook

Maurice and Simone had been dating for several weeks although they had not yet met in person. They had hit it off wonderfully but were amazed at how they were complete opposites.
Maurice, a farm boy, still running the family homestead; Simone, the city girl who gave guided tours of the castle overlooking Apremont-sur-Allier.
The usual banter became more serious on the eve of their first “real” date when Simone had gone so far as to tell Maurice that she wouldn’t mind having a roll in the hay with him. The next day, Maurice negotiated his wagon through the narrow streets worrying if he had brought enough with him.

Carpe Diem #407

26 Feb

Carpe Diem #407, Iwamoto-ji (Temple 37)

Today we have been taken to the Iwamoto-ji Temple in Shimanto

devoted to the five buddhas of wisdom


Buddha share the secret

ending temptation to anger

wisdom in silence


Three temples

25 Feb

Carpe Diem #406, To catch up on our Shikoku Pilgrimage, three days in one post

Kiyotakiji (Temple 35)

a pilgrim enters

in search of healing prayers

wisteria holds a promise

Trifextra 103

24 Feb
Trifextra: Week 103
On now to our quick and dirty Trifextra prompt.  Plenty of times over the past two and a half years, we’ve given you the beginning of a story and asked for you to complete it.  This time, we are giving you the end, and we are asking you to start it for us.  We want 33 words in addition to and preceding the following:
That wasn’t what I meant
I certainly did not mean it literally. What the hell were you thinking? When you asked me if you should have cosmetic surgery done and I said that it was a no brainer that wasn’t what I meant..
Trifextra: Week 103

A Hanging Moon

23 Feb

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction

Found here..feel free to join in : Sunday Photo Fiction: February 23rd 2014

Advisory: adult content and two naughty words..

48 02 February 23rd 2014

George abandons his vehicle on the side of an old logging road and trudges into the woods with rope in hand. His passage is lit by the light of a winter’s moon, as cold and desolate as he feels inside.

He must find the perfect tree, one that is big enough to support his weight. He does not want the branch snapping off before the job is finished.

Lies have brought him to this place. A lifetime of half-truths and sins of omission. But then again what choice did he have? This is not Philadelphia, it is a tiny hole-in-the-wall in rural Arkansas where the word faggot still rolls off the tongue with impunity. If the community had known the truth about their grade three teacher the proverbial shit would have hit the fan.

He begins to climb a nearby tree and tosses his rope over a limb…

The People’s Republic of Helena – A Kickstarter Manifesto

21 Feb

I wish Helena all the best with what will likely be a best-seller. Please check out the kickstarter as I sit back and shamelessly bask in her limelight.


dilettante factory

I met Jim Squires (real name: Jim Squires) a few years ago at a comic book store on Queen Street in Toronto. I was searching for one of the last issues I was missing from Warren Ellis’ Authority — I was going through my “Hey, let’s try bookbinding” phase, and I was trying to get the complete series. I caught Jim looking down my top and gave him a sly smile, which caused him to turn an adorable shade of cherry red. In his defence, I was wearing a shirt with the provocative caption THESE BOOBS ARE MADE FOR WATCHING printed on it (no, seriously — I had it custom made), so I didn’t hold it against him. He only wishes I had. This was back before Mrs. Jim was in the picture of course, and I swear, nothing happened between us (you really don’t want to get on Mrs…

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Trifecta: Week 112″ funk”

20 Feb
Trifecta: Week 112
FUNK (noun)
1 a :  a state of paralyzing fear
b :  a depressed state of mind
2 :  one that funks :  COWARD
3 :  SLUMP  <an economic funk>  <the team went into a funk
As you know, I did not get much schooling but I always did an honest man’s work six days a week and gave the seventh to my lord Jesus.
When your Ma discovered that you were on your way, I promised her I would do right by you and give you the chances we never had. We saw to it that you were always dressed decent, your belly was full, and gave you a proper education in those fancy schools. When we were in a financial funk, your ma scrubbed floors and did washing for the rich folk so you could get your degree.
When you stopped coming to see us your Ma used to make excuses for you. “Our boy is an important man in the city” she would say. When the truth came upon her that you were ashamed of us; it broke her heart in two and killed her. You were even too busy to come to the burying.
The doc says I don’t have much time left before I join my Sally up yonder. I know you still think that I don’t have a pot to piss in, but truth be told, I sold off the property five years ago when they discovered oil in the back field. I am what they call a millionaire.
Don’t worry yourself about settling my affairs. I have made my will and left everything to charity. They will appreciate what I have done for them.
Trifecta: Week 112

The Wives

19 Feb

Written for Friday Fictioneers

21 February 2014

Copyright - David Stewart

Photo Copyright – David Stewart

Marthe stands on the tips of her toes and peers out  the window, not too close lest the reverend spot her from outside. Being seen would be pure folly and surely end in a severe beating.  She and the other girls are well rehearsed in the do’s and don’ts of this household and any mistake means punishment for them all.

She defiantly takes another peek  at the playground, committing to memory the beauty of the flowers and the sun reflecting off the distant mountains.

The sound of his footsteps brings her solidly to her knees next to her “sisters”. Head bowed she silently prays that he does not choose her for his wife today.