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The Women’s War

30 Jan

Wtirrten for : Friday Fictioneers :

31 January 2014

Copyright -Claire Fuller

 Photo Copyright -Claire Fuller

The Women’s War

Building # 9 where Mama worked during the war had once been used for the manufacture of drill bits, their mission now was to make machine-gun bullets as quickly as possible.The job was dangerous enough but sweltering heat in summer made the metal slippery and fingers numbed by  the bitter winter cold also cost many of these women their fingers and sometimes their lives.

The appearance of the “big boss” on the work floor would bring instant silence. Messages from the office were never good. On July 10 1943 he stopped in front of Mama. She fainted.

Old Bones

28 Jan

Haibun Thinking: Week 2 – January 28th 2014

Photo Prompt:

© MaryAnn Holloway

Photo © MaryAnn Holloway

Old Bones

Whenever there is a family gathering the younger brother  inevitably rolls out the story of the time you did him wrong. Whether the incident was real or imagined ( I have honestly no recollection of it ), I would offer up an apology each and every time.

Recently, in front of a new captive audience, you dug up that old bone again. Why?

Is there a statute of limitations on “I’m sorry” so it needs to be repeated at certain intervals, or is that by making me feel small and worthless it makes you a more important man?

digging up old bones

a need to prove to the world

your forgiving nature

This time there was no apology – although I saw you waiting for it, expectantly,  with a smirk on your face. It’s time for you to let it go. I simply walked away.

refusing to kneel

not asking for forgiveness

get rid of your shovel

Trifextra: Week 101

27 Jan
Trifextra: Week 101

This week we’re asking for 33 of your own words inspired by the following picture.  If you use the picture on your blog, you MUST give proper attribution to the photographer by providing a link to the photo, not just to Trifecta.  Failure to comply will eliminate you from the challenge.Good luck and have fun with it!

Photo Copyright:Thomas Leuthard / / CC BY

People assume we all wear hooded robes and carry scythes. If she had looked up she would have seen me watching her through the window, waiting patiently for her to leave the diner.

Monday, January 27, 2014


26 Jan

Written for : Sunday Photo Fiction: January 26th 2014

44 01 January 26th 2014

Our father was a brute. The family lived in constant fear that he would murder us in our sleep. One fine day..

Daddy there’s a monster living in the waterfalls

Don’t be stupid. I have lived here all my life and the only thing back there are the fish. You’re not scare of a little fishie are you?

But Dad ! I saw him. A BIG monster. He looked at me with his beady eyes, like he wanted me for lunch.

What did I do to deserve a dolt like you for a kid? Come on I’ll prove it to you ..then I’m gonna kick your butt for lying.

So dad and Leroy headed out to the backyard. The old man leading the way with my brother trailing as far behind as he possibly could. As dad reached the waters edge he turned to leer at the “idiot”. He never saw it coming.

In a split second the largest alligator in the state of Missippi snapped him up and swallowed him in one gulp. I picked up the phone and called Mr. Lebrun the animal trainer.

You can come and pick up Darwin whenever you are ready. He performed beautifully.

Best $200 investment I have ever made

Chèvrefeuille’s eagle

24 Jan

Carpe Diem Tan Renga – Chèvrefeuille’s eagle

flight of the eagle
stepping into the world of dreams –
a silent cry (c) Chèvrefeuille

it takes me on a journey

where my heart is unburdened



22 Jan

Friday Fictioneers  24 January 2014

Copyright - Björn Rudberg

Photo Copyright – Björn Rudberg


In my childhood I read “Heidi” so often that I knew Grandfather’s cottage by heart. I could feel the splinters on the rough-hewn floors and smell the sweetness of the hay. Pieter and I climbed the craggy mountains in  all of my dreams. The bleating of the goats made my heart leap for joy, and the milk warm from their bodies was pure ambrosia. It was a safe haven where angry words and physical abuse were never permitted.
When I died, the angels asked me what I thought heaven looked like. I was astounded to learn that I was right.

Barbara’s Lesson

21 Jan

Haibun Thinking: Week 1 – January 21st 2014

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

– Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

fun_colorfuSomeone recently commented to me that she wondered how long she would cry if she learned that she was dying. The answer is as individual as we are but it also begs the question : Why would you waste the precious time you have left on tears?

I offer, as an example, my beloved sister-in-law who spent her last year enjoying as much of life as she was able. She never took a new day for granted nor did she have any expectation that there would be a tomorrow.

Rather than wallow in self-pity she took pleasure in everything that life had to offer. Living each day to the fullest. Even a simple phone call was  accepted as a precious gift.

Barbara taught us all an important lesson in not missing out on life.

each day is a gift

if we just take the time

to appreciate

Carpe Diem Special #73

20 Jan

Carpe Diem Special #73, Alexey Andreyev’s fourth, “day after Valentine’s”


day after Valentine’s –
red petals on the floor, and
a broom in the corner

morning light reveals
an unopened bottle of wine
and tears on her pillow

The Immortals

19 Jan

Written for  :

Stained Glass window on the old Town Hall in Dover. This building used to be Maison Dieu (house of God) when it was built in 1253. It was added to and added to, becoming a gaol, a hospital before becoming the Town Hall.  The stained glass is representative of the Cinque Ports.


The Immortals

The night that his wife died giving birth to his fourth daughter, Lord Chester of Dover decided that he had nothing left to live for. With no son to carry on his lineage his french wife had failed him miserably.

That night he had a dream and the next day he called for Merlin the moment he awoke. Later that evening he invited his two closest companions to his dinner table. After a meal of mutton and drafts of the finest mead in all the land he stood before them and told them of his plan.

He would have a maison de Dieu built and when it was nearly finished they would unite to become a thing of great beauty that would last for all eternity. They would become immortal and men and women for all  the ages would gaze upon them and remember their names.

They would become the object of jealousy since they would be protected from the elements of nature whilst the gaudy statues of long dead kings continued to be blessed by pigeon droppings.

When he finished his blustery speech his two companions, in a drunken stupor, readily agreed.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Real Men Do Cry

15 Jan

Friday Fictioneers  17 January 2014

Many wonderful stories to choose from. Please check them out.

Copyright - Erin Leary

 Photo Copyright – Erin Leary

Real Men Do Cry

Francis sat on the fence in the rain, a place where his tears would not show.

He was stunned by the doctor’s words, taking them in like a sponge until he could absorb no more.

He needed time, but time was a luxury that he didn’t have.

Being a methodical man by nature, he had already begun to make a to-do list in his head. There were people who should be told. He would sell his beloved Harley to help pay off the medical expenses. Then there would be a small white coffin to buy..

Sobs racked his body as tears streamed down his cheeks once again