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Fun in San Francisco

26 Jun

For Friday Fictioneers

fleeting-copyright-indira-mukherjee                                  copyright – Indira by way of Scott Vanatter

Come on, it will be fun. Says he.

Don’t be so silly. Says he.

How can you come to San Francisco and not ride the cable car? Says he.

Safest form of transport known to man. Says he.

So, of course I give in, in spite of myself.

As we go careening down California street I yell with delight

I can’t believe that I almost missed out on this incredible ride.

I turn and look at my boyfriend and that’s when I notice his strange

greenish tinted face.

I’m going to barf. Says he.

I grin at him mockingly

Ha looks who’s scared now” I taunt

It’s then that I spot the brakeman diving off the side of the moving vehicle

Oh crap..


25 Jun

Haiku Heights #259 – Crescendoangry

driven by a storm

angry waves beat upon rocks

like a drum solo


Gift to Mom

24 Jun

Ligo haibun Special :June 21st-28th, 2013

lilac wreath

My gift to you

a wreath of fragrant blueweed gathered from the meadows

I place it gently on your grave on this midsummer’s eve

you have been returned to Mother earth

where pain and suffering do not exist

and the constraints of a wheelchair

will not impede your dance

I close my eyes and see you

the way my childhood memories would

standing arms outstretched

embracing the solstice sun

as it sinks below the horizon

you are free at last

sun worship we watch the sun set

knowing there is the promise

that it will rise again

As The World Churns

23 Jun

Photo Fiction: Sunday June 23rd 2013

photo courtesy :


From mere yards away the fishermen could see the sudden churning of the water. Their tiny motorboat rocking perilously to and fro.

Paddie threw his can of ale overboard and swore on his Mothers grave that if God spared them that he would give up the drink forever while John held on to the side of the boat fervently nodding his agreement.

Just when they thought all hope was lost, Nessie’s head appeared from beneath the wake. As suddenly as the agitating had begun a calmness returned to the loch. They watched in awe as the huge monster glided silently into the distance.

The two men reached into the cooler and selected another brew “ for courage”.

“haud yer wheesht” says Paddie

John once again nodded in agreement

The mermaid

22 Jun
On to the new prompt.  This weekend we’re asking for 33 of your own words inspired by the idiom, third time’s the charm. –
The_Mermaid_Song_by_GENZOMANChosen among the dozens swept into the icy sea as the ship sank , she held his leg in an iron grip.

He bobbed up once


on the third try victory was hers

Haiku Heights #258 – Lunch

22 Jun

Haiku Heights #258 – Lunch


without the pleasure

of some pleasant company

lunch is just food

Yuunagi (Evening Lull)

20 Jun


Carpe Diem #227, Yuunagi (Evening Lull)

a glass of white wine

enjoyed on the front porch swing

as the sun goes down


An Evening Lull

by Walt Whitman

After a week of physical anguish,
Unrest and pain, and feverish heat,
Toward the ending day a calm and lull comes on,
Three hours of peace and soothing rest of brain.

Keeping Up Appearances

19 Jun

copyright-managua-gunnPhoto Copyright:

The thing about this job is it gives you too much time to think and Tobias has a lot to think about.

The doctor’s words looped through his mind for the hundredth time. Degenerative, incurable, quality of life.. He had left the office in a daze and sat in his car for a long time before going home.

It has been over a week and he has told no one. For now, it is his secret.

He must keep working for as long as he is physically able. He surreptitiously looks down at his hands and worries that the tremors will give him away.



Haiku Heights #257 – Enigma

18 Jun


age old enigma

solved with a daisy’s petals

love me-love me not





Haiku Heights #256 – Ripples

18 Jun


insect skates on pond

his feet making small ripples

on the smooth surface