House of Eternity

18 May




Many mummies were provided with some form of funerary literature to take with them to the afterlife. Most funerary literature consists of lists of spells and instructions for navigating the afterlife. During the Old Kingdom, only the pharaoh had access to this material, which scholars refer to as the Pyramid Texts. The Pyramid Texts are a collection of spells to assure the royal resurrection and protect the pharaoh from various malignant influences. The Pharaoh Unas was the first to use this collection of spells, as he and a few subsequent pharaohs had them carved on the walls of their pyramids.[17] These texts were individually chosen from a larger bank of spells.


**** From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



on walls of the tomb

magical incantations

for the immortal




Carpe Diem’s Kamishibai #2





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  1. siggiofmaine May 28, 2013 at 5:33 pm #

    I like what you wrote…
    I am hopelessly behind writing, and was puzzled on this one.
    Your take has given me inspiration and a bit of confidence.
    Thank you,

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