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The Astronomist

31 May

Trifextra: Week Seventy

For this weekend’s prompt we’re asking for exactly 33 words inspired by the following picture.


It is against my father’s wishes”

Will you come away with me if I can prove to you that our union is blessed”


Solar eclipse over Tehran

November 14, 2012

Praise Allah

Future ( for Carpe Diem )

30 May


Photo copyright : Linda @

seeing the future

with tea leaves and tarot cards

how will it change you ?

Helena’s Dress

29 May


ptoto copyright: Janet Webb


As always, writers are encouraged to be as innovative as possible with the prompt and 100 word constraints. 

Henry David Thoreau said it best.

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”

I give you: Helena’s Dress

The dress swings on the fire escape like a prisoner on the gallows.

People passing below stop to point and stare, some take pictures. That is where this all started.

What is the mystery behind this pink colored frock that flutters in the breeze?

Imagine Helena’s shock when she sees the photo of her prom dress posted on the internet..even more surprising are the incredible stories people are posting in an attempt to explain its presence.

Murders, kidnappings, runaway brides ??

Where do people get these far-fetched tales and wild imaginings?

Good grief” she snickers “I was just airing it out”.


Carpe Diem Special # 39

28 May

Carpe Diem Special #39, Kyoshi Takahama’s ‘shutting my eyes’


me tsumureba wakaki ware ari haru no yoi

shutting my eyes

I find a young me found
in the Spring evening


sometimes in my dreams

I walk the rough cobblestones

of early childhood


The Last Climb

28 May

Ligo Haibun Challenge


Years ago the father encouraged his young son on the long climb up the mountain side. He moved slowly and patiently at the son’s pace, telling him tales of when he used to climb this same craggy path with his dad.

Ed could not tell you how many times they have climbed since, but they went together often over the years. This was their shared delight, never tiring of beautiful vista that was offered to them from the summit.

Today the two climb it once again. The son encouraging the father, moving slowly at the older man’s pace. Cancer has taken over this tree of a man and turned him into a sapling that bends with every breeze.

They both know from deep within their hearts that this will be their final climb. As they crest the plateau they turn and look into the rising mist. Lake Massawippi appears as if by magic.

The two men sit huddled together in silence for the longest time. Each one not wanting to break the spell.

As the fog rises

we are newly awarded

a glimpse of heaven


26 May

Carpe Diem #206, Judgement (XX) Tarot


a man with no faults

would be best passing judgement

before a mirror

Haiku Heights #250 – Health

26 May

Haiku Heights #250 – Health


the gift of good health

never appreciated

until it is lost

Trifextra: Week Sixty-Nine

25 May


Trifextra: Week Sixty-Nine


This weekend we are asking for a thirty-three word confession.  You’re free to write non-fiction or fiction or to blur the lines in between.  We just encourage you to get creative and give us your best.



My first love was a girl. We would practise kissing in front of the mirror. Eyes open, eyes shut. With her I shared all my secrets, she kept every one. Dearest Raggedy Anne.

carpe diem special # 38

22 May


Granddaughter with net

on a firefly evening

jar at the ready

Carpe Diem Specisl #38, Kyoshi Takahama’s ‘a gold bug’.


Calling Home

22 May


photo copyright: Danny Bowman

For Friday Fictioneers


Ten years ago today mother tossed him out and he misses her terribly.

Standing before the payphone he twirls the quarter in his pocket. Five days running he has stood here and each time lost his nerve.

With sweating palms he reaches out for the receiver only to realize that it is missing. “An omen from God” he thinks as he pockets his change.

A radiant sun warms his shoulders as he slowly makes his way back to the homeless shelter. The men step aside as he approaches.

Mornin’ Father Tom”

Mornin’ boys. God has given us another beautiful day“

(100 words)