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30 Apr

Carpe Diem #184, Tarot (regular)


from within the deck

I carefully choose my cards

not taking chances








Zebra Crossing

29 Apr


who would imagine

one single zebra crossing

could be world-famous

April A2Z Heights – Day 30 – Zebra Crossing

Ligo Haibun Challenge – Inspiration

29 Apr

x-can-map-for-blogWesley and Julie

Two years have gone into  planning and training for an ambitious venture . Wesley and Julie left their home last Saturday morning for a bike ride. No big deal you say ? This “ride” will take them 85 days to complete. They are crossing Canada from coast to coast powered only by legs and the determination to succeed.

All told they will cover over 8000 k.m. ( approx. 4971 miles ). If interested  in following their adventure they can be found here.

So many unknowns could put an end to this dream but at least they can look back on this time and say that they gave it their best try.

They are my inspiration. Mother is proud.

Following your dreams

without the fear of failure

makes you a hero


29 Apr


bees romancing blooms

produce sweet amber liquid

true gift of nature

Special Chevrefeuille #5

28 Apr


hidden in its shade

a homeless man lies sleeping

as the willow weeps

Carpe Diem’s Kamishibai

27 Apr

Mike & Pat.

I was told by a reliable source that my older brother fell instantly in love with me upon my arrival. Honestly that is no surprise. I was the cutest thing ever. Five years later it was my turn to become a big sister. Stop the presses…

First of all, Mom promised me a little sister and brought home a tripod.( Thanks Mike for that one ). Secondly, who did he think he was taking MY spotlight ? I clearly remember yelling at her to take *it* back. The baby seemed to only scream and poop. Big bro. seemed less impressed than I was so at least that was a plus.

By the time the little guy was one, we had made our peace. I would dress him up in bonnets and invite him to my room for tea parties. He wasn’t taking up so much of my mothers time and then it hit me. He worshipped me ! OMG ! Another subject for my kingdom..

My older brother is my hero. He has done so much to turn his life around. I am eternally grateful for his friend who became the father figure that he needed.We were separated by circumstances over which we had no control. I missed him terribly when he was gone. In the time since he  “found” me I have rediscovered the joy of an older brother who is there for you through thick and thin. He is awesome.

forever entwined

by the invisible bond

of love and respect


27 Apr


discovering me

beneath the layers of hurt

my awakening


26 Apr
presshonest reporting
or storyteller’s diet
of half-truths and lies


25 Apr


luscious chocolate

melting on warm fingertips

thus the need to lick

Carpe Diem #180, Chocolate (provided by KZ)

Full Pink Moon

24 Apr


above the farmland

full pink moon illuminates

a field of wild phlox