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Haiku Heights “ascent”

31 Mar


April A2Z Heights – Day 01 – Ascent


making the ascent

from despair to happiness

one rung at a time

Mental Health Week: May 6-12, 2013

Līgo Haībun Challenge ~ Down At The Crossroads

31 Mar

On the streets of Montreal life’s not easy. A blind man with no job can only  go two ways when he hits that fork in the road, drugs or Jesus.

Jacques has played his guitar and sung on this  corner for twenty years. He knows the heartbeat of this intersection. The soft treads of passing men, the clacking of high heels,  the shuffle of the homeless. He also knows her scent.

The first time he noticed her she stayed only a moment, she dropped a coin in his hat and walked away. Since then she has come by many times, often staying long enough to listen to a couple of tunes. She always drops in her money before leaving without a word.

He would love to speak to her but is afraid  she would be embarrassed and never return. Besides, he knows what she sees when she looks at him. What everyone sees. A  blind man scavenging coins to  buy himself a bottle of booze to warm up his night.

As the sun fades, Jacques packs up for the day. He  makes his way to a church where he will deposit the days meagre dollars into the collection box before going home for the night.


the road he’s chosen

in the footsteps of his lord

remains his secret

word count: 219

Yanagi (willow).

30 Mar


at the water’s edge

I touch the sacred willow

puzzled why it weeps


he sits by himself

beneath willow’s canopy

unrequited love


Carpe Diem Special Onitsura #5

29 Mar


pine needles dripping

after an evening shower

the sweet scent of spring

Tanpopo (dandelion)

28 Mar


Grandfather told me

I could set the fairies free

with a gentle blow

Tako (kite)

27 Mar


I release the string

and watch it soar with the birds

 free on shining winds

Yasmin’s Story ( Ligo haibun challenge )

26 Mar


This week’s prompt is a photograph by David Williamson

Father left for prayers last evening and still has not returned. The sounds of men yelling and sirens wailing echoed through their apartment all night long. Mother closed the curtains tightly and told her that they were safe but that she was to keep away from the windows.

This morning the acrid smell of smoke lingers in the air. Curiosity leads her to dare a peek .. just one. The shops in the distance are destroyed, their beautiful mosque is now a pile of smouldering rubble. With shock and incomprehension she takes a step back. She must not cry or mother will discover what she has done.

Yasmin sits at the table and swallows the hard lump in her throat. She slowly reaches for her harp and plays a song for Allah asking for father’s safe return.

when one man’s anger

leads him to seek his revenge

a nation suffers

Hazy Moon

26 Mar

zaphoto credit : Bronwen Sexton

Lonely nightingale

who’s love song is only heard

by the hazy moon

Haru ta (Spring paddy fields)

24 Mar

China - Spring - Paddy fields                      

Paddy fields in spring

landscape covered in patchwork

grandma’s handmade quilt


Carpe Diem Special #28 – Onitsura #4

23 Mar


saku-karani miru-karani hana no chiru-karani

the cherry-flowers bloom;

we gaze at them;
they fall, and …

Onitsura (1660-1738)


river of petals

carelessly crushed under foot

beauty is fleeting