Border Blues

5 Feb



Growing up on the Canada/U.S. Border did not seem “special” to me as a child.

Climbing the hill to wave at the custom’s officer who usually just waved back was just a normal part of border life. On occasion the officer would call us over but it was just for a quick word * give my regards to your Mom and Dad*

Canusa street in what was then called Beebe is split down the center, all houses on the one side are in Quebec, houses on the other, Vermont. Neighbours were able to borrow sugar and gripe about the weather without the necessity of reporting to the authorities.

Users of the Haskell library which is situated mostly in Canada ( the front door in the U.S. ) were also accorded this privilege. Since the nasty business of 9/11 all that has changed.

Streets are now gated between our two countries. Flower pots block access to streets once used by cars and pedestrians alike. In many ways I am glad I no longer live there.

What a sad testament to what we have become.


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