Archive | January, 2013

Carpe Diem”early blossom”

31 Jan


Silky white blossoms

a sign of prosperity

on lunar new year

Carpe Diem “birdsong”

30 Jan


From his perch above

he composes melodies

meant to seduce her


Carpe Diem special “evening sun”

29 Jan


Evening sun cascades

setting the mountains ablaze

with a good-night kiss

Carpe Diem “children”

28 Jan


Snowmen appearing

like mushrooms in damp forest

children’s wet mittens

Carpe Diem “wolf moon”

27 Jan

wolf moon

Mighty oaks shiver

beneath January’s moon

wolves casting shadows

Carpe Diem “eyes”

26 Jan


My gift each morning

as she waits by the window

the joy in her eyes

This haiku was inspired by one of my clients, Mrs.B.
Every morning she watches for my arrival from her chair by the
Sometimes ( as has been the case for the last couple of days ) she
is far from me in that secret place where her mind sometimes goes.
In these times we sit quietly just holding hands. This afternoon she
suddenly reached out and patted my cheeks. ” I love you” she said.
Sweet lady..I could receive no greater gift.

Carpe Diem “silk”

25 Jan


The humble spider

his thread is of no value

silkworm grins smugly

Heidi revisited

24 Jan

booksThis past week I decided to return to a place that was my haven.  My childhood spent hidden behind books, or more accurately In books. A place where I could escape my reality and dissappear if only for a short time.

Many times I climbed the mountain with Heidi and Peter. I knew every page by heart. This is the first time I have touched this book in over thirty years. I devoured it. It felt like going home after a long absence. I was surprise to see that I still knew entire passages verbatim. This book will go to my Granddaughter one day-that she may hear the wind in the fir trees and run barefoot with the goats.

I think I shall now go in search of Pippi Longstockings!

Carpe Diem “heath”

24 Jan


Hidden in the heath

enjoying the mid-day sun

sand lizard stretches


Carpe Diem special “peacock”

23 Jan


Peacock’s tail feathers

ruffling in warm breezes

his harem impressed