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Narcissus ( Tanka )

31 Dec


A beautiful man

led to a pool of water

dies in his own arms

pity he could love no one

as much as he loved himself





Wishing everyone  a healthy and happy  New Year

Carpe Diem # 83 Narcissus

30 Dec


My flower beds

giving birth to narcissus

under snow’s blanket

Carpe Diem Special # 14 Ancient Road

29 Dec

h or h

travelled by everyone

the road to heaven or hell

is a one way street

Carpe Diem # 82 Withered Mums

28 Dec

Dead Flowers (1 von 1)-4


On a soldier’s grave

a bouquet of withered mums

left by a stranger

Carpe Diem # 81 Nearly Spring

27 Dec







Trees in my garden

awaiting spring’s gentle kiss

after winter’s sleep



Carpe Diem 79 & 80

27 Dec

last-night-of-the-winter-moon-sharon-marston                                              Painting credit : 

# 79  Winter moon

In barren gardens

under winter’s moonlit sky

creatures leave footprints


# 80 Last  of winter

Our greatest desire

on this last day of winter

some early spring blooms


26 Dec


In my dream

I sit beneath the bodhi tree

and search for my reason for being

I fear that somehow I have lost it

A lifetime of  being wife, mother, friend

although certainly rewarding

has also led me to realize

that I have forgotten who I am

perhaps this is all I was ever meant to be

but I can’t help but feel

that somehow there is a secret

and I must search for it…


Carpe Diem #78, frost (shimo)

24 Dec


Beautiful etchings

frosty ferns on my window

made by nature’s hand



Carpe Diem special # 13

23 Dec



Samuari beware

hidden in my New Years soup

power of the Gods


Millionaire as he is :


They think he’s not rich

he has no coin in pocket

his children love him

Carpe Diem # 77 Icicles

22 Dec

Icicles Yoho National Park of Canada



The late winter snow


with the sun’s warming embrace


become magic wands