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29 Nov

You’re the sun on my shoulders

the wind at my back

You’re my tube of glue

when I’m starting to crack

You’re the aroma of coffee

first thing in the morn

You’re an old pair of jeans

that’s perfectly worn

You’re the one who will tell me

when you think I am wrong

You’re always beside me

when my road seems too long

You’re the person on whom

I can always depend

You’re the one that I’m lucky

to have for a friend

For the Birds

28 Nov



While in search of a new mate

the cardinal brightens the landscape

showing off his bright red soutane

head bobbing rhythmically

as he sings his song of love


Get Over It

27 Nov

So, you’re depressed

just get over it

you can control it

if you want to

Everyone knows

it’s just an excuse to be lazy

Why do you need pills

are you really that weak

Do you like walking around like a zombie

You know why it is starting over again

because you don’t try hard enough to fight it

What do you have to be depressed about

your life is wonderful


It  sounds all to familiar

so I have a plan

How about having all these other folks

get over their fake illnesses too




and cancer

yes, that would be lovely


The Lovers

26 Nov

The fool had sworn

he never would marry

and walk on his path

in content solitary


’til a woman stood waiting

at a fork in his road

he did not need her

to help carry his load


He nodded his head

simply from duty

his heart in no danger

for she was no beauty


But what he saw in her eyes

held him firm in his track

because there in her gaze

was his soul looking back


He did not choose her

just to appear kind

for as everyone knows

true love is blind


Their road won’t be easy

there will be some bad weather

but that’s not important

they will face it together



For Taro contest

Indigo Dreamweaver Tracie sponsor

Assigned card ( Lovers )




No Mercy

25 Nov

There was no mercy

for homeless man curled on bench

one bitter cold night

death had found him sleeping there

but who will weep his passing ?

tanka 23/11/2012


23 Nov

Like insects on pond

vessels skate across water

with white sails unfurled


22 Nov

On November morn

waiting for sun’s warming kiss

frost covered rooftops


21 Nov

It was bound to happen

either sooner or later

from the comfort of home

for this shopping hater

the unending choices

all those goodies galore

from the comfort of sofa

without crowds at the store

you can “purchase now”

you don’t have to bid

and for my Christmas shopping

that’s just what I did

Without seeking parking

or elbowing too

in my jammies and slippers

my buying is through

my postman is Santa

he’ll bring me that crap

all I have left to do

is to box it and wrap

Evening Haiku

20 Nov

On the horizon

sun nestling  atop  mountains

setting them afire

Memories of Youth

19 Nov


She pops open her mouth

to catch the downy flakes

feather soft upon her tongue

bringing back memories of youth

Of she and her brother John

(who is long ago buried

under a simple white cross

in a land far away)

They would make angels

in the crisp white snow

and catch the tiny stars

as they floated down to earth

She laughs to herself

and quickly steps indoors

before the family discovers

the folly of an old lady