Picking Up The Broken Pieces

23 Oct

The girl tells her story

shoulders shaking, tears flowing

they wrap their arms around her

and promise to avenge

but her tale quickly falls apart

the attack that never happened

simply a cry for attention

“I only wanted to make my boyfriend jealous.

It’s not as though anyone got hurt.” says she

So tonight while she sleeps cozy in her bed

will her dreams not be invaded

by the mournful cries

of the real victims who are disbelieved

they who are raped twice

first by their aggressor

then by those around them

people who would prefer

to perjure themselves

on the altar of God

than to accept what is the truth

This girl now carries a heavy weight

on her young shoulders

the burden of suffering for all women

who are damaged and trying to move on

picking up the broken pieces


One Response to “Picking Up The Broken Pieces”

  1. brudberg October 23, 2012 at 1:46 pm #

    Well written on a scary subject.

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