Archive | October, 2012

The Soldier

30 Oct


They lie neatly

row upon row

a cross of white

for each hero

young boys afraid

with guns in hand

did their duty

to defend the land

as they all bowed

their heads to pray

they knew that most

would die that day

they fought with honor

and too many fell

defending us

from Hitler’s hell

so lest we forget

in every grave

is the gift of freedom

from a soldier brave

Don’t shoot me

29 Oct

  I dislike having my picture taken. A crooked smile for posterity? No thank-you.

Aiming a camera at me is like brandishing a weapon. I have yet to see one photo

where I don’t look like I am shell-shocked.

Besides in spite of what the song says, a picture does not paint a thousand words.

It is all in the interpretation. It is but a moment frozen in time. The history is not

there. What brought you to that place and time.

When you look at a photograph you perceive what you believe is real and true.

…but is it ?

So if you actually see me smiling at a camera it’s probably only CHEESE.


I stand corrected !

Campfire Vignette

27 Oct


Sparks fly
dancing in air
glowing embers
smoke curling gently up
the highlight of our evening
camping out

We wait
mouths watering
for the flames to die down
marshmallows waiting on sticks
for glory

The professor

26 Oct


there once was a snobby professor

who rented a car just to impress her

but his bubble was burst

he couldn’t get out of first

and his date wouldn’t let him caress her

Halloween Haiku

25 Oct

All souls night celebration
vampires wander
searching for their sustenance

Picking Up The Broken Pieces

23 Oct

The girl tells her story

shoulders shaking, tears flowing

they wrap their arms around her

and promise to avenge

but her tale quickly falls apart

the attack that never happened

simply a cry for attention

“I only wanted to make my boyfriend jealous.

It’s not as though anyone got hurt.” says she

So tonight while she sleeps cozy in her bed

will her dreams not be invaded

by the mournful cries

of the real victims who are disbelieved

they who are raped twice

first by their aggressor

then by those around them

people who would prefer

to perjure themselves

on the altar of God

than to accept what is the truth

This girl now carries a heavy weight

on her young shoulders

the burden of suffering for all women

who are damaged and trying to move on

picking up the broken pieces


22 Oct

When travelling down the road of life

how many times should we look

in our rear-view mirror?

Do we really need to know what is back there

and where we have been

in order to get to where we are going?

Why can’t we live in the here and now

moving towards our todays and tomorrows

and leave behind the pains and sorrows

of our yesterdays?

Our past is who we were before

the mistakes we have learned from

what will makes us stronger

but we need not drag it behind us

to overshadow our future

Just Sayin’

Gogyoka Fall

20 Oct

Gogyoka Fall

Barren trees
their arms
raised in prayer
asking God
for early spring

I am the poem

18 Oct

I am the poem
hidden in the darkness
of your mind
waiting patiently
for my turn to escape
my letters become words
these words become thoughts
thoughts become emotion
flowing out unfettered
from pen to paper
I am the poem


17 Oct

We pour out our hearts

in rhyme and verse

and bleed from the tip

of our pens

putting down on paper

our pain and sorrows

the words we cannot speak aloud

arranging them neatly

it is our vase overflowing

or perhaps the final straw

but it is our destiny

we are poets