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Wes and Julie

30 Sep

They’re on the road again for another adventure.

This time it is Montreal to Quebec City, then down to the Eastern Townships.

Please just set aside the distance they will travel and consider yesterdays challenge.

Fifty+ pounds of equipment each

heavy rains and headwinds

Hopefully today mother nature will be kinder.

This trip is in preparation for next years cross Canada trip

To follow their story you will find the link below

I look forward to sharing their trip through this blog and through the lense of Julie’s camera.

We are proud of you both

Love Mom

Who Cares?

28 Sep

Are we so bombarded

with killing and death

and the suffering of others

for the sake of entertainment

that we have become shells


Empty hollow shells

where empathy once lived

a cold deja-vous has moved in

the path between fiction

and cold reality has become

worn and threadbare


To the point where we

can no longer differentiate

what is pretend

and what is monstrously real

we can turn our backs on starvation

turn off wars and conflict

with the simple push of a button


Go ahead and change that channel

just a bunch of whiners anyway

from that other country

who cares..

Yes, who cares





Does The Foetus Dream ?

27 Sep

Does the foetus dream

of its mothers arms

of suckling her breast

of the soothing sound

of her heartbeat

Does the foetus dream

of its fathers voice

of the waiting sister

of his angel in heaven

Does the foetus dream

of the miracle of life

of the love that made him

of how much we already love him

Does the foetus dream?


I Am

26 Sep

I Am

I am really nothing special
I wonder about why that is
I hear songs in the wind
I see beauty in nature
I want to be a better person
I am really nothing special

I pretend not to be fragile
I feel unfinished
I touch the hand of angels
I worry that no one understands me
I cry when my family hurts
I am really nothing special

I know my family loves me for who I am
I say there is an answer for everything
I dream of making a difference to someone
I try to forget my childhood
I hope for inner peace someday
I am really nothing special


A Clerihew 4 you

24 Sep

Queen Elizabeth is in the news
but the reason does not amuse
it seems the young ones are in cahoots
showing off their birthday suits

Burning Bridges

23 Sep

Wisps of smoke

spiraling skyward in tendrils

as the bridge slowly progresses

from slow burn to inferno

the hand holding the match

seems blissfully unaware

that once the blaze

becomes embers and ash

that you can never turn

and cross back over

it can possibly be rebuilt

but let’s be honest

it will never be the same

the past will always cast a shadow

and the smell of smoke will linger

long after the fires destruction

Harvest Time

20 Sep

The wind reaches out

with gnarly hands

plucking the apples

from their precarious positions

tossing them to the ground below

much to the delight

of squealing school children

who scurry around gleefully

gathering the red globes of treasure

their mouths watering

in anticipation

of the first crunchy bite

Mrs. B.

19 Sep

Today she called me Linda

but that’s alright with me

for perhaps tomorrow

it will be a good day

one of those sunshine days

when we can talk together

about nothing and everything

a day when her eyes are bright

and her brow is not creased with worry

It is my honor and privilege

to be asked by her family

to accompany her down this path

for her there is no turning back

so we will continue on

and I will look forward

to another “Patricia” day

Apology Unacceptable

18 Sep

Where did the idea come from?

Just because someone says “I’m Sorry”

that everything is fixed

nasty comments are erased

accusations evaporate into thin air

you are owed forgiveness

just for the asking

May I offer

one word:



16 Sep

Bulrushes and reeds gently sway

Evening winds softly blow

And the night creatures bustle

Under the moons haunting glow

The garden sits silent

In anticipation of snow

Falls splendour surrounds us

Unveiling its autumn show

Lovely colours on grey