The Intersection

27 Aug

The funeral procession passes by

hazard lights blinking  sadly

I wait at the intersection

allowing them to pass together

solemnly following their loved one

to his place of perpetual rest

my tears suddenly begin to flow

unexpected and uncontrollable

I sit there sobbing like a child

face hidden from the other drivers

I weep not  for the deceased

for I have no knowledge of him

my thoughts are with the survivors

I know their pain will linger

floating just beneath the surface

to be brought back by a touch

a song, a memory, a thought

or on a beautiful sunny morning

just sitting at a traffic light

                                                                        Only people who love can hurt


One Response to “The Intersection”

  1. brudberg August 27, 2012 at 11:06 am #

    Very touching…

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