Final Days

26 Aug

He was given a sentence

it did not begin

with a capital letter

nor did it end

with a punctuation mark

“get your affairs in order

one year at the most”

words repeating in his head

as he rushed home to his lover

she would understand

she had always been there for him

he smiled tearfully

as he brought her to his mouth

and drank greedily

allowing her to wrap

her warmth around him

in his mind’s eye

he walked through his sixty-four years

“I have always been the victim”

he screamed to the bottle

everyone always wanting, needing

talking against you

looking at me as a failure

“this is all their fault”

He pulled in another swallow

and there he remained to the end

all his last days

spent in the embrace

of the two faced Bitch

who had been slowly poisoning

him to death

If you’re gonna be two-faced at least make one of them pretty.”

Marilyn Monroe


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