Silent Cries

12 Aug

…my brother once told me that a person comes out of this either broken or stronger. He is superman, and I am wonder woman

He is a small boy
of only eight years
yet he shuffles along
like an elderly man
his head is hung low
hiding the dark circles
under his eyes
for he did not sleep
again last night
angry words and noises
kept him awake
as he hid frightened
under his bed
he wears shirts
with long sleeves
and heavy jeans
in the sweltering heat
forced by his aggressor
to hide bruises and scars
earned for no reason
yet no one questions
are we all guilty
of such blindness
are we all deaf
to his silent cries
can we not hear
what the child does not say


One Response to “Silent Cries”

  1. Bilbet August 12, 2012 at 10:21 am #

    Many of us patiently wait for the day when all parents and people of power listen to the smaller voices trying to explain their troubles. Also waiting for the day when these same adults discover that children do not make up these stories and not all adults are the angels they try to portray to the world.
    Like your own inner voice it’s time to heed the silent pleas of the younger set.

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