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Hair today gone tomorrow

31 Aug

He remembers the days

of slicked back hair

comb kept in back pocket

how cool

When a moon appeared

just on the horizon

not really too worried

comb over

Later on when east met west

an area rug of fur

made its way to the top

oh horror

Now he has reached

that point of no return

out come crème and razor

cool again

Four Words

30 Aug

A romantic dinner

with some excellent wine

we hold hands across the table

it was all just divine


four little words

I waited to hear

I knew they were coming

could sense they were near


I gazed into his eyes

as blue as the seas

and that’s when he said them

“Please pass the cheese”

Speak Not His Name

29 Aug

He stands at the fore

in his church of God

where he is a disease

spreading his poison

with his words and deeds

infecting his flock

with preachings of hatred

interpreting the scriptures

so they no longer resemble

the words of the Lord

this Hitler of holy men

leading his congregation

to the gates of hell

And the winner is…

28 Aug

You took back your love

and gave her my ring

you said I was your winter

and she is your spring

you were too tired of me

and our boring life

so you traded me in

for a new trophy wife

oh so proud of the way

she looked on your arm

but it wasn’t too long

that you lost all your charm

now she’s left you behind

could not take any more

and  here you stand crying

with your bags at my door

you say you were wrong

that our love was whats true

well go cry to your Mama

what I want is not you

The Intersection

27 Aug

The funeral procession passes by

hazard lights blinking  sadly

I wait at the intersection

allowing them to pass together

solemnly following their loved one

to his place of perpetual rest

my tears suddenly begin to flow

unexpected and uncontrollable

I sit there sobbing like a child

face hidden from the other drivers

I weep not  for the deceased

for I have no knowledge of him

my thoughts are with the survivors

I know their pain will linger

floating just beneath the surface

to be brought back by a touch

a song, a memory, a thought

or on a beautiful sunny morning

just sitting at a traffic light

                                                                        Only people who love can hurt

Final Days

26 Aug

He was given a sentence

it did not begin

with a capital letter

nor did it end

with a punctuation mark

“get your affairs in order

one year at the most”

words repeating in his head

as he rushed home to his lover

she would understand

she had always been there for him

he smiled tearfully

as he brought her to his mouth

and drank greedily

allowing her to wrap

her warmth around him

in his mind’s eye

he walked through his sixty-four years

“I have always been the victim”

he screamed to the bottle

everyone always wanting, needing

talking against you

looking at me as a failure

“this is all their fault”

He pulled in another swallow

and there he remained to the end

all his last days

spent in the embrace

of the two faced Bitch

who had been slowly poisoning

him to death

If you’re gonna be two-faced at least make one of them pretty.”

Marilyn Monroe

Words are..

24 Aug

Words thrown haphazardly

in the heat of argument

will always return to you

these boomerangs of sentences

slightly bent in the center

somewhere between truth

and the desire to hurt


23 Aug

Looking for love

is not so different

from a fishing expedition

you cast out your line

hoping to catch a trophy

a fine specimen for the keeping

while silently praying

you don’t land a shark

Pause Cafe

22 Aug

Why can’t I just order coffee?

Try it I dare you. The server will

stare at you with big owl eyes


hoot  hoot

What kind of coffee Mam ?

Decaf ?   half-caf?   mocha?

latte?   espresso ?


You know,   coffee –  cream –  no sugar

 hoot  hoot  blink

Decaf or regular?

Never mind, I’ll have tea instead..

Certainly Mam ! Will that be green,  chai, or black ?

 For the love of you have water?

Of course..bottled or tap?

**** sigh ****

Bullying Hurts

21 Aug

Standing on the parapet

worry overtaking decision

It is not the leaping

that causes his hesitation

it is the nagging fear

that he will somehow

survive the fall

to the river below

a loser in life

and a failure at death

So he remains there

as seconds and minutes

move the hands of his watch

letting his mind wander

backward in a review

of his twelve years of life

so short yet so long

years of being bullied

because he is different

he does not understand

all the words they use

but he knows they are bad

’cause when he tells Mom

they make her cry

The only way he knows

to stop her hurt

is two hundred yards below