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Two words to live by

31 Jul

Lies spread

like vermin

once told

often repeated

butterfly effect

so sorry

forgive me

too late

harm done

good listener

29 Jul

She leaned back on the sofa

and told him all of her secrets

her pain and sorrows

her terrible feelings of guilt

how the world is closing in

at times she sobbed uncontrollably

then she became quiet

and introspective

a weight was finally lifted

the listener never interrupted

nor gave advice or opinions

but most importantly

he did not pass judgement

for a dog’s love is unconditional


28 Jul

So todays the big birthday

backward or forward

still the same number

a time to reflect on my life

my marriage to my highschool sweetheart

our amazing children and their spouses

my favorite word Nana

My brother who adores me

Countless in-laws who care

Aunts and Uncles who think I’m awesome

wonderful friends

these are the gifts I cherish the most

last but not those of you who take the time to visit my blog,

thank-you from the bottom of my heart. I will try my best not to disappoint you.


Life in a box

27 Jul

He lives in a box

hidden under the stairs

nobody asks him

and no one cares


that he was a father

and had a great life

a well-paying job

a wonderful wife


but he threw it away

far over the brink

when he traded it all

for some dope and a drink


the more that he tried it

the more that he wanted

he tried to resist

but it taunted and taunted


now he hangs on the streets

and each day begs a bit

enough to just cover

some booze and a hit


back in his box

he numbs away sorrow

and promises himself

he will fix things tomorrow

Devil Incarnate

26 Jul

I saw the devil incarnate

on the news today

no horns or pointy tail

ordinary and  non descriptive

much like the guy next door

he – pretending he is something

that he is not

with unspeakable evil brewing

in that empty space

where his heart should be

I shall not say his name

for that will only validate him

I shall call him monster


26 Jul

They sit silently

eyes cast down low

trying to remain invisible

knowing full well

the least noise

or slightest movement

can bring out the evil

that lives in the man

who calls himself  Father

the alcohol monster

who will rear it’s ugly head

attacking with foul words

and cruel hands

they hold their breath

as the shadow moves past

they are safe from harm

this time

on poetry

24 Jul

If my poetry sucks would you tell me

or would you let me continue

to poison the world

making a fool of myself

I have never pretended

that I am a writer

simply a person that writes

I am not looking for fame nor attention

simply an outlet

for all those darn words

that continue to spill from my insides

if it is stupid babble as someone suggested

I will spare you and bow out gracefully

In My…

24 Jul

In my box of crayons

there are no colors

for everyone is the same

on the inside


In my religion

there is no church

I have no need for one

for He is everywhere


In my heart

there is no prejudice

every last person

has the right to an opinion

even though it may differ from mine


In my soul

there is a desire

to save the world

from self-destruction


23 Jul

On stormy nights

when seas and skies

join in tumultuous dance

sirenes beckon seductively

from the rocky shoals

luring hapless sailors

to their watery graves

the boats are all that remain

splintered and wounded

as floating testaments

but the mermaids will never

give up the dead


22 Jul

Who am I to judge you

for I know naught

of what path was taken

to bring you to this place

what perils beset you

nor the distances travelled

Is your heart untouched

or have you suffered greatly

all I have is the here and now

perhaps we will continue together

or part ways at a fork in the road

the future is always a mystery

but for now we shall enjoy

the company of one another