24 Jun

I wanted you to love me

but the darkness just kept on

I wondered if you’d miss me

someday if I were gone


The words you used for weapons

hurt more than your right hand

I tried to make you happy

but t’was me you could not stand


My voice always made you angry

my appearance made you mad

because of me you had to drink

for I’m what made you sad


the beatings that you gave me

were just what I deserve

no matter what the circumstance

I always struck a nerve


So here we are years later

and you’re the one who’s passed

but I still carry all my scars

that will forever last


But if I can claim one victory

it’s when I slammed the door

between you and my children

it’s me who won that war


I’m told there is a special place

for you that’s not that nice

so when you order up another drink

you better ask for ice.



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