Toil and trouble

11 Jun

Do you believe in precognition? Anyone who knew my Mother would have to say that she was proof  that something exists. These feelings she would get were too often and too accurate to be brushed off as just a fluke.As a child and even into my teens I knew better than to ignore her warnings.

That being said, she was not a witch.She did not belong to a coven of sisters.I don’t recall any cauldrons on the boil. She did, however, have a straw broom which I remember hitting my backside more than once.

I seem to have inherited a couple of minor glitches from her. I answer phones that have not rung and doors that haven’t been knocked upon. I also, on occasion, answer questions before they are asked.

I tend to believe that it is due in part to my misophonia which makes me more in-tune to sounds and movements around me. I also ( much to the chagrin of the husband) , sleep with my eyes open.

I think everyone has their own quirks and quarks. I would love to hear about yours.


One Response to “Toil and trouble”

  1. Rebecca June 11, 2012 at 6:50 pm #

    Once I was in the car, and I told my husband the phone was ringing at home….the kids all laughed and said how cool it would be if the phone really was ringing…..My husband told me to write the time down so we could check and see if the phone had rang…Sure enough someone had called at 2:15 🙂

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