Can you keep a secret?

10 Jun

Can you keep a secret ?

How many times have you been asked this question ? When you were a child you were often told secrets by your bestie with them being fully aware that no, you could not.

As an adult there is the expectation that the secret will be kept safe..but is it ?  Broken relationships, friends who turn out not to be , family members who are not as reliable as you thought, can all be the source of a security leak. Things told in confidence can be used as weapons against you when you least expect it.

I dislike being asked to keep a secret. First of all I don’t want that kind of responsibility, secondly , I will not lie if asked a direct question which covers the secret. I truly believe it is unfair to expect that kind of “service” from someone.

Who do I trust my secrets to ? No one.

There are secrets that I will carry for my whole life. The telling would only hurt the people I love the most. I suppose this would fall under the sin of omission.

There are things in life that are too hurtful, and it would be nothing less than cruelty to expect someone else to carry the burden. Why some people find it necessary to expect you to take on their deepest and darkest secrets and guard them as though they were your own is beyond me.

If you tell a secret to only one other person it is no longer a secret.  The only way to keep one is to save it within, bury it deep if you have to, then move on.

Some things are not meant to be

High – five to keeping it buttoned up !


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