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29 Jun










There is no voice

until it is heard

there is no song

until it is sung

there is no love

until it is shared

there is no life

until it is lived

there is no ignorance

until it is learned

Moving Day

27 Jun

As the sun rose this morning

it placed a gentle kiss on the morning dew

giving the promise of a new day

and melted the ice in my heart

The burden of carrying  guilt

for things over which I had no control has become too heavy

I have decided to move forward

leaving behind my past

before it devours me

like wolves on a fresh kill

Within the boxes I will pack

there will only be treasures

memories of those I have loved and lost

my life with B

the joy of watching our children grow

the love of extended family and friends

So it is moving day

and as I walk toward tomorrow

I shall not forget to appreciate



26 Jun

When it is the allergy season

I hide in my house for a reason

the gross stuff that flows

from both sides of my nose

somehow doesn’t seem very pleasin’

The Visitation

25 Jun










She waits in her chair

a frail hand holds her cane

they said they would visit

have they forgotten again


Her hands once rocked their cradles

and wiped tears away

but now she’s a burden

a waste of their day


their lives are too busy

the weeks go so fast

but she’s not important

just part of the past


So she waits for Godot

with a tear in her eye

and promises herself

that once more she won’t cry


for today was the birthday

of her soul-mate Jim

and perhaps someday soon now

she’ll be back with him


then they will visit

and say she was treasured

but for now she’s alone

and the hurt can’t be measured








24 Jun

I wanted you to love me

but the darkness just kept on

I wondered if you’d miss me

someday if I were gone


The words you used for weapons

hurt more than your right hand

I tried to make you happy

but t’was me you could not stand


My voice always made you angry

my appearance made you mad

because of me you had to drink

for I’m what made you sad


the beatings that you gave me

were just what I deserve

no matter what the circumstance

I always struck a nerve


So here we are years later

and you’re the one who’s passed

but I still carry all my scars

that will forever last


But if I can claim one victory

it’s when I slammed the door

between you and my children

it’s me who won that war


I’m told there is a special place

for you that’s not that nice

so when you order up another drink

you better ask for ice.


We Give Thanks

21 Jun


He patrols quietly

in this land of war and bombs

holding his rifle close to him


not for the first time..

that it were his newborn son

who he has not yet held

close to his heart

but his country has asked of him

and his brothers and sisters in arms

so they shall stay

as long as necessary

like others before them did

until the children here

may sleep safe in their beds

so he continues on

into the dark night

hoping the silence will continue

and for this

we give thanks

Miss O’Phonia ( She Ain’t No Lady )

19 Jun


She ain’t no lady

she’s always attacking

She’ll drive you crazy

and you’ll feel like hacking

at the table she’s hell

with the licking and smacking

the chewing mouth open

the clicking and clacking

of the forks on the plate

Oh good God I am cracking

with all of these noises

on top of me stacking

No she ain’t no lady

and for that I am lacking

some lovely white noise

The lottery

16 Jun

The lottery


He got so darn excited
he could not even speak
the room spun all around him
and his arms and legs went weak

he took another gander
at the numbers on the screen
he had them each and every one

The moment he had waited for
for his entire life
he finally won the loto
he couldn’t wait to tell his wife

an alarm’s persistent beeping
found it’s way into his ears
waking him completely
bringing him to tears

Skin deep

15 Jun

Skin Deep

It’s too bad he can’t see her on the inside
where she’s the girl he’s wanted all his life
the one he spends his time so desperate seeking
the one who’d wear his ring and be his wife

But he can only see what’s on the outside
she’s ordinary like the others he has seen
because his idea of a perfect woman
is photo-shopped inside a magazine

It’s too bad she can’t see him on the inside
where he’s the man she thought did not exist
but she’s too busy judging his appearance
and how he doesn’t measure to her list

We sometimes see what’s on the outside
and don’t take time to see what’s really there
true beauty is not what is in the mirror
It’s someone who’ll hold you close someone to care


Food, glorious …

14 Jun
Food, glorious food!
What wouldn’t we give for
That extra bit more –source:
What is more glorious than food ? We turn to it in times of hunger, in times of joy, times of sorrow,and times of loneliness.
Most of us have a love/hate relationship with it. We eat too much, or the wrong things and not enough of the right combination from Canada’s food guide.
Unfortunately or  perhaps dare I say fortunately  I don’t listen to much of the hype. What one day is bad for you will the next day be the miracle food.
We all have our comfort foods. Mine is tea and cinnamon-sugar toast. The toast  is cut into fours ( on the diagonal ) there is no other way to serve it. I swear it is a cure for most anything that ails me, much like chicken soup for a cold.
The perfect “time of the month” fare is chocolate covered pretzels. The marriage of the salty and sweet is heavenly.
Cake for me is food of joy. Weddings, birthdays, family get together. Make it a black forest cake and I am at your mercy.
It is funny how men transfer their love of food into expressions of affection. I know men who refer to their partner as cupcake or honey bun. Would it not be more accurate if they called them potato chip or beer ? Just sayin’
So high-five to cheese the worlds perfect food
Double raspberries to asparagus