We are all the same

16 May

After more than 20 years working in hotel housekeeping you can take me at my word that people are all the same.

I have witnessed first hand the best and the worst of humanity. One thing that stands out for me is the belief that if one can afford a * better * hotel they are somehow better people. This does not hold true. People are just..well..people.

I have been treated with the utmost respect and likewise at times with total ignorance. I have been spoken to politely and barked at like a scullery maid, but those years of experience have certainly been an education.

I swear that there will be a book some day. You cannot even in your wildest imagination cook up some of the things I have seen and heard. Oh the questions the housekeeping staff have been asked…real gems.

Can you imagine the look on our faces the time a car pulled up to the reception area with skiis on the roof. Probably not a problem if not for the fact that it was mid August. After checking in ,the client stopped one of the housekeepers to ask directions to the nearest skii slopes.

I can’t tell you the number of times I have seen guests drive away leaving their luggage sitting in the parking lot.

Things we have seen in the rooms…

Things left behind in rooms…

Things the guests feel it is necessary for us to know..TOO MUCH INFORMATION.

My favorite hotel story ( I swear it is true ):

Early one summer morning there were two of us cleaning the reception and dining area of a certain hotel. Through the garden doors came a lady in a dress. As she passed us to go into the dining-room for breakfast we noticed that the back of her dress was nicely tucked up in to her panties. We had an evil split second of deciding whether or not to tell her..but tell her we did.

Imagine her face when she told us she had just spent the last hour strolling the gardens. Guess you could say that the moon was still up that morning.

So, it does not matter where lay your head…we are all foolish sometimes.


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