It is a High Five kind of day

11 May

My man tells me that I am too negative sometimes, so this blog is only devoted to high-fives

– to the woman who took her 8 month-old baby to a demonstration that everyone,  and his Uncle, knew was going to turn into a riot. She later complained to the media that her child was injured by tear gas. Thank-you for spending quality time with your child.

-to the Montreal Gazette reporter who * tweeted* derogatory personal opinions about the physique of some of the protesters in a march she was covering. I am so happy that you are comfortable enough with your looks that you are able to judge others. If Joan Rivers ever retires you are a shoe-in for her job.

-to the media for continually giving the students the media attention they crave

-to the little darlings who set off smoke bombs that paralized Montreal metro system and basically shutting down the city yesterday..thank you for using public transport. isn’t that better ? Calgon..take me away..


One Response to “It is a High Five kind of day”

  1. Bilbet May 11, 2012 at 4:06 pm #

    Do I detect a tongue in cheek blog here? Well done.

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