Mr. Bean

10 May

I am certain I was following Mr. Bean in traffic today.  The guy ahead of me was driving * hands free*.  Coffee in one hand, sandwich in the other.  He managed to get his car up to a whopping 25km per hour in an 80 zone.

When I was finally able to pass him he was done his breakfast and was shaving his face, yep shaving.

Does anyone actually just drive anymore?  Have our cars become restaurants on wheels what with drive through service?

Are men shaving or women applying make-up and checking their hair every traffic light taking over our roads?

We are warned of the dangers of text messaging and cell phone use while driving, and rightly so.  This has in no way deterred the hard core users.  Not a day goes by that I don’t see at least a couple of folks doing either/or.Image

How about warnings being issued about just plain stupidity on the road ? Is life so fast that no one can take the time to get ready for work before they leave the house?  What ever happened to actually sitting down at a table and eating a meal.

I tend to side with my Aunt who is looking to buy a tank to drive around in.  I wonder if I can find a place who can install a cow catcher on a corolla…anyone?


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