Please be careful

9 May

We have a situation which has been on-going since before Christmas. People are being injured trying on clothing in local department stores. This is not unique to one store or shopping mall, some stores are simply not reporting for fear of scaring off clients. Be aware that they are not legally obliged to do so.

The weapons of choice are soiled syringes which are slipped into pockets of pants, shorts and even dresses. They are placed in such a manner to ensure that the person trying on these items or even just picking them up will be pricked.

I am not going to get in to just how sick the person/persons are who are doing such a horrible act. That in itself is obvious. I cannot believe that someone can hate themselves and the world around them so much as to lash out at innocent shoppers.

Please be extra careful when shopping. Do not let your children run their hands along the clothing racks of ANY stores. If you see anything suspicious report it immediately. I would rather dozens of false sightings than risk this happening to anyone else.

Hopefully with the reward that is being offered, someone with information will come forward and stop this from continuing.

In the safe


Those who have been injured and their familys are not left with the fear of the unknown..


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