Uncle David

1 May

Yes! He accepted my friend request ! Now where to start? So many questions…

I know literally nothing about maternal relatives, they are all in Great Britian and I have not seen them since I was very young.

When Mom was living in Canada she kept in contact with her parents and her eldest sister. After moving back to the U.K. in 1981, she and I corresponded by mail . It  usually took two weeks for a letter to get there and another two weeks for a reply. Oh how she would be amazed at e-mails and skype!!

What a treat it has been for me to rediscover an entire clan of * new* relatives. My Uncle assures me that they are many !

There are so many things to learn from him and I hope to be able to respond to any he may have about Mom’s life in Quebec.

He seems to have a slight fear of ” pat’s ” but as I told him..we are pretty docile creatures…NOT.

I look forward to reading our daily e-mails and hope to continue for many years to come. Welcome to my family Uncle David and Aunt Patricia.

High five for Internet !



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