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Do you love yourself ?

30 May

I recently had to fill out a questionnaire. The question that was the most intriguing was :

Do you love yourself ?

Seems like a simple enough question, but is it ?

I think it is honest to say that until a couple of years ago my answer would have been no.

Like many others I have always been very critical of my self image. The accumulation of a childhood of abuse and carrying the guilt for things over which I had no control left me with little to no self esteem.

Although I have been happily married for many years and have raised a wonderful family, I was always waiting for the bottom to fall out. I had convinced myself  that somehow I did not deserve to be loved.

The decision to change my life came easily , the execution ( pun ) , more difficult.

A very wise friend told me that I would never be truly happy until I learned to love myself.

I began my “new” life by forgiving myself for imagined wrong doing.

Next came the acceptance of who I am and how I look.

Step three was the purging of the negative behavior and realization that yes, I deserve to be happy.

The last step was learning to be honest with myself.

So do I love myself ? Yes, yes I do !




The little engine that could

28 May

I have a truly amazing cousin. We have never been as close as I would have liked. We grew up in different generations and different provinces.

First of all she was my first girl cousin in a sea of boys. She is also my inspiration.

As a child she overcame obstacles that were placed in front of her by “professionals”. The  family was told that she would never do this or that. They underestimated the strength of character and determination of that child and her parents.

She has long since done all those things she supposedly couldn’t  do and so much  more.

She is all grown up now, and what a lovely person she is.

This woman has the biggest heart of anyone I have ever met. She never, ever, puts herself first and often at her own expense.

She speaks softly and kindly, never judges, and always willing to help anyone.

Because of her I have learned not to say  I think I can.  Instead,  I say I know I can.

It is too bad that more of us could not be more like she is.

Thank-you  D.J.J. for pointing us in the right direction..

She is the little engine that could.


May we agree to disagree ?

26 May

I have no problem with someone disagreeing with me. As I have said before, this blog is my own personal opinions and point of view.

I do, however, take exception to rude personal comments from people who neither know me or have never met me.

I refuse to lower myself to your level.

I will allow all comments pro or con but I will not post comments that are mindless garble. I do not owe an apology to anyone. Each one of us have our own thoughts and beliefs. If you don’t agree with mine that is fine, but do it politely and respectfully, you are an adult not some spoiled child who needs validation all the time.

Healthy disagreement is good for the soul.


High-fives to friendly debate

Raspberries to people who know it all.



pornography ?

25 May

Risking the ire of cancer survivors, I would have to say that Ms. Jackson should not have posted these photos on Face Book.

Although I certainly commend her for wanting to show ( and rightfully so ) that women who have had mastectomies are still beautiful, F.B. was not the proper showcase.

I would not go so far as to call these pornographic but they certainly fall into the “nudity” category.

This is not censorship but just good common sense. Partially nude, one breast or two, it just does not have it’s place there.

I would also like to see the administrators of that particular site issuing warnings to parents who feel it is appropriate to post nude photos of their children. What can these parents possibly be thinking?

Once and for all folks, whenever you post on web sites be it words or then belongs to the world. They don’t call it the  W.W.W. for nothing.


The Parsons Nose

24 May

parson’s nose


(Cookery) the fatty extreme end portion of the tail of a fowl when cooked Also called pope’s nose

Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

This is another childhood favorite of mine. When I was young I recall asking why the turkeys tail was named as such. Mom grinned and said “what is under the tail only the parson knows.”

I didn’t really get the joke back then, but she seemed to think it was quite funny.Image

In grade three we had to write a science exam. The question was:

What happens to the water in laundry when you hang it out to dry?

My response, of course, was  it perspires.

This amused my teacher enormously. She proceeded to show it to other teachers and MY parents.

What was so darned funny?

I have a husband who eats lettuce fluently.

We put fires out with a fire distinguisher.

We call these McCoyisms. Has anyone else got their own * isms* or are we truly unique ?

Eugene Polley

23 May

Eugene Polley passed away on May 20 2012 at the age of 96.

Who the heck is he? You ask. He is the hero to many a man and child of my generation.

Mr. Polley worked for a company called Zenith. They manufactured television sets ( among other things. ) In the year 1955 this company offered a new invention of Mr. Polley’s  called Flash-Matic Tuning. Yes folks the first t.v. remote.


From the time we were able to walk, my brother and I were the television remote controls. ” Pat turn up the t.v. ” or ” Mike change the channel the hockey is on “. We were in fact also the rotary system for the outdoor antenna. Dad would sit in front of the tube, Mom in the window, with us outside. We would slowly turn the pole that the antenna was fixed to the top of, when the picture was clear enough Dad yelled to Mom who in turn knocked on the window for us to stop the rotation.

As I recall there were a whopping five channels, all in black and white. We had not yet moved in to the era of   in living color.

So for all you couch potatoes everywhere:

High five to the late Mr. Polley and thank you

Excuses, excuses

22 May

He put that bottle to his head and pulled the trigger

“Whiskey Lullaby” as written by Jon Randall, Bill Anderson
So here we go again. Another victim of an alcoholic abuser who has to sit in court and listen to all this crap. The abuser playing victim.
Not his fault he beats his children..he has an illness
Not his fault he wiped out an entire family with his car..he has an illness
Give me a damn break ( I toned it down for sensitive readers ). No one held the bottle to his mouth. It is not a medical condition that he developed, it is something he did willingly. Even the dummest of the dumb knows that alcohol can be adictive, yet they choose to drink themselves to stupidity.
Day after day, week after week, they feed their * illness* until it becomes the only important thing in their lives.
What a wonderful life it is.
Thanks to the professionals who are willing to testify that these poor souls are not responsible for their actions because..bla bla bla. .we get to see them go unacountable for almost anything they do.
Over the years I have seen the murderers of children, rapists, and abusers, go along their merry way by playing the game of ” I don’t remember ” I have a sickness.
I think it is high time we stop coddling them and start paying more attention to their victims. Many of us who were unlucky enough to be in their path will carry the scars for a lifetime.
Alcoholism is NOT an illness, it is a way of life that they chose the first time they put the bottle to their mouth and pulled the trigger.

Rainbows and Butterflies.

21 May

I thought of you today

when I was awakened by the beautiful singing of the cardinal outside my bedroom window.

I thought of you today

when the sun came over the horizon.

I thought of you today

when I watched two butterflies dancing in the wind.

I thought of you today

when the rain brought us a glorious rainbow.

Then I realized that you are not really gone.

You are in the song of the bird,

on the rise of the sun,

the dance of the butterfly,

and the colors of the rainbow.

I thought of you todayImage

You got mail

19 May

This morning I was thinking about the bygone era of pen-pals.

When I was young, ( way, way back in the time of the dinosaur ) I had a pen-pal. She was my cousin Caroline who lived, and still lives in the U.K.

I would write a letter on something called paper then put it in a square thing called envelope. Then the interesting part..I would w a l k  to a place called post office.

Behind the counter was a man ( yes a real life human being ! ) he would sell me a pretty little sticker thingie that you could lick and stick to the upper right-hand corner., this was called a stamp.

Then this letter would disappear and somehow by magic reappear at my Aunt and Uncles home in Stamford England.

This process took approximately one week. Caroline would read what I had written then she would compose her own letter and the above process was repeated.

Today we live in the e-mail era. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. I send a message to Uncle David and have a response within the day…

The thing that is missing is the art of true letter writing. The joy of words. The childhood anticipation of a letter in the mailbox with all those lovely British stamps on them. I sometimes long for the days when life was slower, when instant gratification was not the norm.

High-five to the few who still remember the fine art of a hand written letter

We are all the same

16 May

After more than 20 years working in hotel housekeeping you can take me at my word that people are all the same.

I have witnessed first hand the best and the worst of humanity. One thing that stands out for me is the belief that if one can afford a * better * hotel they are somehow better people. This does not hold true. People are just..well..people.

I have been treated with the utmost respect and likewise at times with total ignorance. I have been spoken to politely and barked at like a scullery maid, but those years of experience have certainly been an education.

I swear that there will be a book some day. You cannot even in your wildest imagination cook up some of the things I have seen and heard. Oh the questions the housekeeping staff have been asked…real gems.

Can you imagine the look on our faces the time a car pulled up to the reception area with skiis on the roof. Probably not a problem if not for the fact that it was mid August. After checking in ,the client stopped one of the housekeepers to ask directions to the nearest skii slopes.

I can’t tell you the number of times I have seen guests drive away leaving their luggage sitting in the parking lot.

Things we have seen in the rooms…

Things left behind in rooms…

Things the guests feel it is necessary for us to know..TOO MUCH INFORMATION.

My favorite hotel story ( I swear it is true ):

Early one summer morning there were two of us cleaning the reception and dining area of a certain hotel. Through the garden doors came a lady in a dress. As she passed us to go into the dining-room for breakfast we noticed that the back of her dress was nicely tucked up in to her panties. We had an evil split second of deciding whether or not to tell her..but tell her we did.

Imagine her face when she told us she had just spent the last hour strolling the gardens. Guess you could say that the moon was still up that morning.

So, it does not matter where lay your head…we are all foolish sometimes.