Timelines of my life

18 Apr

My earliest recollection of how news can effect your life would be in 1968. I vividly remember my mother sitting in front of the television weeping. I could not understand at the time why the death of Robert Kennedy was so upsetting to her.

In 1972 the Canada/Russia hockey series was played. The day of the final game we were in English class. I think our teacher knew perfectly well that more than half her class had their minds elsewhere. She stood at the head of the class and told the us that she could not teach that day as she was not feeling well. Imagine our surprise and excitement when she took a radio out of her desk and turned on the game ! When the winning goal was made yells could be heard throughout the school. Apparently ALL the teachers had the same malaise!

1977 brought the death of Elvis. If you have no idea who he was, what planet are you from ?

Fast forward to 1995.

This was the year that O.J. Simpson was found * not guilty * of the murder of his ex-wife and her friend.

It was also the year of the Oklahoma City bombing. I sat glued to the television much the same way as my Mom had years before. Who could not weep at the sight of young children and babies being carried out in the arms of rescuers? The photograph that was taken of a fireman with tears running down his face, carrying the body of a baby in his arms , will always be engraved in my memories.

Mother Teresa’s death in 1997 was a loss for everyone.

September 2001. I guess I need not explain that one. The evil that was perpetrated on that day is beyond comprehension.

Sometimes you think that things that happen elsewhere have no impact on your life, yet you find as you get older that you unconsciously use these as markers. ” oh yea , thats the year such and such happened”.

They say that we are all a  part of our past and our past is a part of us. I would have to agree.



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