migraine hangover

15 Apr

No, not a migraine caused by a hangover but a hangover caused by a migraine. Those of you, like me, who  suffer with these headaches know exactly what I mean.

The drowsy, brain in slow motion, don’t ask me anything that takes concentration kind of day.

My headaches usually last for two or three days followed by a one day brain freeze. No amount of medication or caffeine is going to speed up the natural progression of this down-time.

Tomorrow I will be back to normal ( my normal ) The stiff neck and cotton-head will be gone and hopefully a long reprieve before another one of these finds its way in.

It kind of makes me wonder how some people can go out and get dead smashed wake up hung over and turn around the next weekend and do it over again. Am I missing something? Are there really people who enjoy feeling like crap ?

Lucky for me I have a husband and a dog who take good care of me.

I guess I will go crawl back in to my bed nest with my trusty dog and take another nap. Tomorrow will be a better day.

High-five to naproxen, gravol, and Buddy



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