Bad neighbors

11 Apr

We must have some sort of radar. If there is one rotten apple in an entire neighborhood we manage to move right next door. We are on the right hand side of a semi-detached house, she is on the left side of hers. Therefore our properties touch with only a small strip of grass between the two driveways.

This area is her dogs toilet, right to and including the edge of our driveway. I asked politely for her to shorten the dogs rope because it was pooping on our property. Madame just moved it enough so it is right on the edge. Needless to say this accumulation of doggie stuff is never picked up. Want to take a guess what it looks like when the snow melts? Disgusting. We also have a dog and his business is picked up immediately.

Yes, this is the same neighbor who mows her lawn only once each summer, usually mid July. Rake leaves in fall..who you kidding ? The only thing of any importance to her is her swimming pool. She starts the pump circulating the first week of May and it runs until early October. The damn thing sounds like an airplane engine. On good days we can enjoy our back yard for about an hour before the sound gets to us and we move back indoors. Our other neighbor went so far as to install central air conditioning because she could not sleep with the noise, we run a  fan for the same purpose. There is a by-law that says the pump must be shut off at night but when we mentioned it to her she only replied that the timer is broken. Last summer while she was gone on vacation it go so loud that it could be heard 3 houses away, until someone tossed an old blanket on it to muffle the noise. Her left hand neighbor spoke to her about it a couple of times but got his head bit off.Image

Fix the loud exhaust on the car? Ya right ! Junior leaves for work at 11 p.m. returning at about 6 a.m. We all get to enjoy his departures and arrivals. In the three winters we have been here they have never shoveled their driveway. I really enjoy the late night/early morning spinning of tires.

This woman is a psychologist. Supposedly a professional at helping people with problems. What a hoot. God bless the patients who are under the care of someone with zero people skills.…/how-to-spot-a-narcissist/

This is my year of  emancipation. Yesterday I reported the dog issue to animal control and the city health department. Next step will be in about a month when several of us sign a collective complaint with the city to have her pool motor checked for the number of decibels it is running at. The lawn will be cut this summer or that issue will be taken care of. The car is on my list for this afternoon. I have a client who just happens to be an officer of the law.

Sometimes you got to do what you got to do. Welcome to my neighborhood.


One Response to “Bad neighbors”

  1. Mike E April 12, 2012 at 1:39 am #

    you get them tiger !!!! She really doesnt know who she dealing with !!!!

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