I spam what I spam

3 Apr

I know I am of a generation gone by. I remember that spam was a canned lunch meat hated by children everywhere. My mother used to throw that stuff into sandwiches and salads and, as if that weren’t enough, managed to work it on to the supper table by frying it.

She was also a great one for cooking vegetables until they puree themselves. This was to keep us from being killed by the bacteria that was living on them. Keeping in mind that this is the same woman who let us eat raw ground beef on grocery day. We used to wait anxiously as mom untied the string and unwrapped the butchers paper. Yum

Another staple in our house was rice a roni..( the San Francisco treat ) strangely enough no one from San Fran has probably ever heard of it. It is a mixture of rice and spaghetti noodles fried  together in butter then sprinkled with a sauce mix.

Mom was also a great one for trying out strange sandwich fillings. One such food stuff was something she called fluffer nutter { a mixture of peanut butter and whipped marshmallow}. Potato chip sandwiches also found their way in to school lunches. The one advantage to our unusual food stuff was that I never, ever, had my lunch stolen.

My mom being British also caused my brother Mike and I some problems. What she called things and what Canadians called these same items were worlds apart. Being sent to the store and having to ask for something would strike terror into our hearts. Crisps were chips, chips were french fries, and who can forget the time she sent us in search of monkey nuts..

We were the only kids in town who wore macs and wellingtons. Our favorite programs were  on the tube.

Fast forward to today and I am finding that I have to learn to speak all over again. Words that were appropriate  are taboo today.

Everything is politically correct.

One little two little three little indians..gone

eenie meanie miney mo..gone


ah for the good ole days

high-five to all you generation x ers who will be in the same position in 20 years


2 Responses to “I spam what I spam”

  1. xyvius April 5, 2012 at 3:01 pm #

    Hey, all those little rhymes are okay here in Taiwan. When the kids want to choose someone to do something, they do the ‘paper, scissors, stone’ thing. Of course, they do it in Chinese. However, when I choose who goes first, etc., I do the ‘eenie meanie…’ thing. Funny thing though, they are all learning the rhyme! I watch them tapping out using my rhyme, and knowing who is next. Indians are fingers… It’s actually kind of fun, and yet provocatively ‘taboo-ish’ using some of these politically incorrect words, phrases, and rhymes. Hey, the way I look at it, it didn’t hurt me. There was never any malice intended when I was young, and I’m a pretty good teacher. Maybe some of me will rub off on them. If using these things helps them to learn, then so be it!

  2. Wesley McCoy April 5, 2012 at 6:05 pm #

    It is true things that you wouldnt even think was offensive now are off the books. Hell we all just knew them as parts of nursery rhymes, playground songs, and sayings. I had no clue when I was younger that everything was pretty much offensive. The sad thing today is you can barely say anything without offending someone or some group of people.

    And also Fluffernutter hahahahaha!

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