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Everything comes in threes??

29 Apr

I realized today, as I was putting away groceries, that I tend to buy in threes. Three boxes of this three cans of that ..etc.

Then I got looking around the house and noticed that I also tend to put thing in groups of  three.  ( Gawd I must be bored today) Where I have collectibles * aka nic nacs* aka dust catchers* they are grouped in threes, plants threes, pillows threes..

I have been employed by three companies. I have three children. Apparently bad luck also comes in threes.

Psychologists and psychiatrists classify most phobias into three categories. Thankfully I don’t suffer from triskaphobia.

Am I the only one or there three other peoplelike me??? Hmmm

Facebook good vs. evil

28 Apr

I have read some of the horror stories some have written about facebook. The thing to remember is USE COMMON SENSE.

Never post anything that you don’t want the whole world to know, never use it as a tool against someone, and for goodness sakes keep it clean.

I have personally deleted a family member because of his rude comments ( especially his narrow-minded opinions about women) and his inability to post anything without using filthy language.I wonder if he kisses his mother with that dirty mouth of his?

I have also made some wonderful friends who I might never have met otherwise.

This has also been a wonderful tool for keeping in touch with my children who are scattered here and there.I love hearing from my family in Ontario and my cousin in Taiwan is as close as a keyboard..time zones not withstanding.

One of the greatest joys of F.B.. came last year when my eldest brother contacted me. We had lost touch over 20 years before and he is now my best friend and big bro. ( hi Mike!)

I got an e-mail telling me that there was a contact made from my late Mothers youngest brother. It may not sound like a big deal but my maternal relatives are all in Great Britain I have sent a *friend* request and  hope very much that he accepts it. I have had no news of that side of my family in many years.

Do I spend too much time on facebook? Probably. Am I going to give it up ? No time soon.

High five Facebookians


lower than the lowest

24 Apr

We saw on the news again this week that someone got the brilliant idea to go into a cemetery and push over the headstones. What is so bad in their lives that they feel the need to attack the resting place of our loved-ones?

Is their life so dismal that they need to lash out at the deceased? Does it give them some sort of power trip, or is it that they just don’t give a damn?

If they are caught I think they should be obliged to present themselves to each and every family affected by this. Made to stand face to face and explain why they did it. See the hurt they have caused first hand.

Among the graves they vandalized is the grave of a young soldier who was killed in Afghanistan. Tell his mother what a thrill it was and how he deserved to have his resting place treated with such disrespect.

The families will have to pay to have these markers repaired and replaced. Is it too much to ask for our graveyards to remain a * resting place* ?



Hockey night in Canada

23 Apr

It’s just a game..RIGHT ?  Don’t try and tell that to anyone in my clan. My parents were totally addicted. There were no phone calls or visits allowed during a hockey game. Meals were prepared around hockey schedules. Pity on anyone brave enough to knock on the door during a play-off game.

My brothers have continued the tradition of the love of hockey, as have some of my cousins. I lost interest when they added too many teams and especially when it became less about the game and more about making money.

I am not, however, immune to a good play-off series. This year the Ottawa Senators are putting up quite a fight.

For anyone living within a quarter of a mile of my big brother I would like to offer an apology in advance.

If there is whooping and cheering later on Sens won. But if it sobbing and wailing you hearImage…well you know..

I am P.O.

22 Apr


There are those among us who have no regard for the suffering of others. They are abusers of children and the elderly. The lonely and the poor. The mentally challenged and the trusting. They steal and manipulate without a moments thought of how it will impact their victim.

When one of these monsters lives within the family of their prey it is harder to understand. How is it that they can have no feelings towards another family member?  How do they sleep at night knowing that they are using the kindheartedness of  one of their own to their advantage?

I can’t answer that question. I find it both disgusting  and appalling. They were raised in the same home, by the same parents,with the same values. I just can’t get my head around this.

What kind of punishment could rectify this cold hearted abuse? No jail time or fines that could be levied can repair the damage that has been done. I am ashamed to know you.

I have been assured that in the afterlife that you will have to explain yourself to a higher power. I can only hope that this is true.

Hell is yourself and the only redemption is when a person puts himself aside to feel deeply for another person.



April showers

21 Apr

Dare we believe that spring is here ? Admittedly, winter was not all that bad. No really big snow storms to clean up from. We didn’t even have to shovel off the roof this year.The savings on our heating bill this past winter is also a plus. That said, I am glad to see it over.

October-February is always a low time for me. I especially dislike the * holidays *. Now that the early flowers are poking through and the birds and frogs are singing, things are looking up. I noticed that the trees are starting to get a green hue to them. Garden centers are popping up everywhere.

Time to haul out the patio furniture and fire up the barbecue.

Thumbs up to early spring !

Timelines of my life

18 Apr

My earliest recollection of how news can effect your life would be in 1968. I vividly remember my mother sitting in front of the television weeping. I could not understand at the time why the death of Robert Kennedy was so upsetting to her.

In 1972 the Canada/Russia hockey series was played. The day of the final game we were in English class. I think our teacher knew perfectly well that more than half her class had their minds elsewhere. She stood at the head of the class and told the us that she could not teach that day as she was not feeling well. Imagine our surprise and excitement when she took a radio out of her desk and turned on the game ! When the winning goal was made yells could be heard throughout the school. Apparently ALL the teachers had the same malaise!

1977 brought the death of Elvis. If you have no idea who he was, what planet are you from ?

Fast forward to 1995.

This was the year that O.J. Simpson was found * not guilty * of the murder of his ex-wife and her friend.

It was also the year of the Oklahoma City bombing. I sat glued to the television much the same way as my Mom had years before. Who could not weep at the sight of young children and babies being carried out in the arms of rescuers? The photograph that was taken of a fireman with tears running down his face, carrying the body of a baby in his arms , will always be engraved in my memories.

Mother Teresa’s death in 1997 was a loss for everyone.

September 2001. I guess I need not explain that one. The evil that was perpetrated on that day is beyond comprehension.

Sometimes you think that things that happen elsewhere have no impact on your life, yet you find as you get older that you unconsciously use these as markers. ” oh yea , thats the year such and such happened”.

They say that we are all a  part of our past and our past is a part of us. I would have to agree.


Enough is enough

17 Apr

O.K. we get it. You think that we OWE you an education. Everything in life is free. You are our future. ( We are on the road to you know where. )

The thought that these young adults are the future parents of the next generation is frightening in itself.

To hear their representatives openly declare that vandalism and acts like crippling Montreal’s metro system during morning rush-hour is ” not our fault , the government just has to give us what we want..” is appalling.

There are many students who want to return to classes but are being intimidated into keeping quiet. They call that democratic. Red paint is being dumped in streets, landmarks are being vandalized, windows smashed…but it’s not their fault.

Well ,dammit ,who’s fault is it? The poor working class who couldn’t get to work on time this morning ? The drivers who had their cars spattered with paint that was dumped on the highway? How about the tenants of an apartment building you mistakenly smashed in because you thought it was a govt. office building.

News flash..these are the folks who you expect to foot the bill for your free education. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

Time to grow up. Nothing in life is free. Give up your $ 100 jeans and ease off the partying. Then you may find the money you so desperately want us to believe you don’t have.

If you want my sympathy stop crapping in my garden

migraine hangover

15 Apr

No, not a migraine caused by a hangover but a hangover caused by a migraine. Those of you, like me, who  suffer with these headaches know exactly what I mean.

The drowsy, brain in slow motion, don’t ask me anything that takes concentration kind of day.

My headaches usually last for two or three days followed by a one day brain freeze. No amount of medication or caffeine is going to speed up the natural progression of this down-time.

Tomorrow I will be back to normal ( my normal ) The stiff neck and cotton-head will be gone and hopefully a long reprieve before another one of these finds its way in.

It kind of makes me wonder how some people can go out and get dead smashed wake up hung over and turn around the next weekend and do it over again. Am I missing something? Are there really people who enjoy feeling like crap ?

Lucky for me I have a husband and a dog who take good care of me.

I guess I will go crawl back in to my bed nest with my trusty dog and take another nap. Tomorrow will be a better day.

High-five to naproxen, gravol, and Buddy


Get out the imodium

12 Apr

Our fine Canadian government has decided, with all their collective wisdom, to cut hundreds of jobs in the agriculture inspection department.I  would like to thank them personally for this forward thinking decision.

If we can kill off the elderly and the useless people in our hospices and hospitals with food poisoning think of all the money that will  be saved. No more pensions or long-term care would mean plenty of dough for those poor suffering Quebec students who are expected to pay in part for their education. Education that is their birthright.

You have a terminal have some contaminated lettuce..getting hard to get by on your retirement package ( she says with tongue in cheek ) order a plate of sushi.

Please, not to worry about the politicians or the upper class, I hear that they are recruiting folks on the welfare system for food testers. Yum

I would like to suggest that these honorable positions be given to the folks in the prison system…just sayin’.

High-five for a job well done public service alliance of Canada