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Chillaxing on my day off

31 Mar

Today being saturday I got to sleep in..for those of you wondering this actually means that I got up at 6:30. Had my first cup of coffee ( the one that keeps me from killing anyone ) and checked my email.

Got to enjoy a tasty breakfast of french toast and real Quebec maple syrup which was cooked and served to me by my hubby. Ya got to admit all those years of training have served me well !

Then it was go time:

2 loads of laundry washed/ dried/ folded

1 basket of ironing done

floors swept and washed

carpets vaccumed

groceries done

all of the above interspersed with dog needing to pee….asking for water…needing to pee..asking..


Short nap ( I’m old you know )

car washed

car vacuumed

car windows washed

dog walked


dishwasher loaded and started

just enough time to write blog before company arrives

Man I love my day off..can’t wait until Monday so I can relax..not

High five to my hubby who works just as hard as I do

Raspberries to the kid up the street who has no volume controll on his mouth


What is family ?

30 Mar

The answer to this would seem straight forward but is, in fact, very complex. I am not talking about the unit per se. I am asking in a more relationship sort of way.

I have someone in my family who, in the 35+ years that I have been married, has never once invited me or my husband to his home. Never a come on over for coffee. Nothing. This person was invited to baptisms, weddings, 50th wedding anniversary celebrations, he was always a no show. He would however drop off the token card.

When told about illness in the family no concern was ever shown. No call, no visit, no how ya doin ? Death in the family..totally ignored..not of any consequence.

I guess at some point I must have been mistaken about what family is. Caring, compassion, duty ,respect. Apparently none of these fit his description. I am forced to believe that in his dictionary it says ” all about me”.

High five to my brother Mike who is the only one on this earth who can truly be my brother.. may the raspberries fall where they will..


patience is a virtue??

29 Mar

In my work life I am presently caring for an older couple. The lady has early/mid stage alzheimers. The goal is to keep her as active and in charge of her daily life as much as possible. With this in mind we do the groceries as early as possible in the day ( 8 am ) so as not to overwhelm her with too many people and also to give her the chance to shop at her rythm.

Now here is the problem..people in line at cash registers. Yes, we are slow. We never take the express cash even if we only have a few items. We go early so there  fewer customers. I could do everything for her but that is not what we are aiming for.

Those of you who are in a hurry and start hissing and making comments are not helping the situation. You only disolve the little confidence she has and added stress makes things worse.

The cashiers at this particular store are awesome. They will always address their questions to her and not me. They take the time to explain how to use her bank card as if it is the first time they have done so.

So todays high five goes to the employees of loblaws and raspberries to all those who are in such a dang hurry. Maybe time to take a deep breath and be thankful the sweet lady ahead of you in line is not your mom.

blessing or curse?

29 Mar

I had resisted the urge to blog until now.  This putting down on ” paper ” all these words and thoughts that are constantly screaming to get out have finally won their battle. The desire to write has always been with me..I love words. I love how they sound, how they can be strung together so that just the reading of them can send you on a voyage in your mind. Please bear with me as I begin my voyage of words and thoughts. I do not wish to offend anyone but reserve the right to serve notice that the contents of this blog are my point of view. It is not necessary to agree with me but I will not be judged by someone elses views. So welcome to high five and raspberries ..enjoy the ride