Hide and Seek

16 Apr

Written for: Friday Fictioneers

18 April 2014

Copyright - Douglas M. MacIlroy

Photo Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy


“You can’t find me!” Leah squeals with delight.” Should we do hot and cold?” she asks earnestly.

This has been our favorite game almost as long as she has been old enough to walk. Sometimes she puts a patch over one of my eyes and I am a pirate. Sometimes I wear masks, ( truth be told..I was a princess once ). Today I am a monster from the deep.

I  hear her breathing in the far corner of the room. “Am I hot or cold?”

“cold” she giggles

I turn my blind eyes toward her ..



Road To Freedom

13 Apr

Written for:

Sunday Photo Fiction: April 13th 2014

55 04 April 13th 2014I heard Ma and Pa talkin about it again last night when they thought I was sleepin. They has promised me to Ralph Smithers down the road in exchange for a pig and two sheep. Better than my sister Sarah who got traded for a  jersey cow two years ago. I seen Ma watchin me like a hawk lately, just waitin for me to start my “monthlies” so’s they kin git me wed.

Well I ain’t marryin no creepy old geezer, I got other plans.

This mornin I snuck out early and headed down the highway. It is gittin light and soon I will have to leave the road and wade down the river. Can’t have Pa’s hounds sniffin me out and trackin me down. Iffin I git caught I’m gonna take a whoopin.

Aint gonna happen.. I start walkin faster.

The Road Less Traveled

10 Apr

Haibun Thinking: Week 12 – April 8th 2014


fork in the road 624151138_f1ff60b2db_oYou think you have life all figured out. The path you follow is comfortable, like your favorite pair of worn out jeans. But then..the bubble you were living in pops without warning.

You find yourself faced with the proverbial fork-in-the-road. With no possibility of going back,  you are left with two choices. Continue to the left and your life will be somewhat the same. You will move forward as before, without effort,  but somehow you feel an emptiness inside. It is as though you have lost something along the way.

To the right, the road is less traveled. Many obstacles will get in your way and the path is rough with things that can trip you. If you should choose to go this route your progress will be slow and sometimes difficult. What to do?

My decision was not made lightly. After much soul-searching I have decided to go right. It is possible that I may fall flat on my face but at the end of the day I hope to feel a sense of accomplishment, something that has been sorely lacking in my life.

donning new shoes

I leave my self doubt

at the fork in the road



A farewell

3 Apr


Mrs L. passed away last weekend just a few days short of her 101st. birthday. In spite of her advanced age, her memory never failed her.

Her recollections of life in the early ninteen-hundreds , the old photographs she shared with me , the living history from someone who lived it..these things can never be replaced.

As I cleaned her house for the last time today, I took at my place on the sofa next to the chair where she would sit while we had our “visits” and said farewell.

She once told me that she worried God had forgotten her, she has now found her peace.

Carpe Diem Special #85

3 Apr

Carpe Diem Special #85, Soen Nakagawa’s “illumined by the moon”

how solemn
each patch of grass
illumined by the moon

(c) Soen Nakagawa (1907-1984)

Such a beautiful haiku, a snapshot of nature. Here is my humble attempt:


wbeneath a pale moon

a winter wolf  kept company

by only his shadow




2 Apr


Studio Lights from Kent

Photo: copyright-Kent Bonham


The stage remains lit by a single spotlight, just enough to cast shadows as the janitor pushes his mop pail from stage left. The actors have finished their rehearsal and gone home, probably with their ears still ringing from the director’s  foul language.There is less than a week before opening night and many are still stumbling over their lines. Hamlet continuously looking for the director’s help.

The janitor slowly begins mopping, then stops directly inside the circle of light. Facing the seats he begins “to be or not to be..” He does the entire soliloquy without hesitation, flawlessly. Bowing to his imaginary audience, he carries on with his cleaning.



2 Apr

Haibun Thinking: Week 11 – April 1st 2014


I sip my  coffee on the porch swing and watch as the setting sun sets the pond ablaze before dropping over the horizon, leaving the tranquil waters and sky in hues of pink.

In the gathering darkness I become acutely aware that I am not alone. The soft humming in my ear tells me that I am about to become a buffet for miniature vampires.

I am reminded of the words of the Dalai Lama

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”

As I rush indoors to slather on chemicals that are probably more deadly to me than them, I ponder on his words. ( Pondering is all you have to do on nights like this).

I have never been star-struck by actors or musicians. There are certainly some I prefer above others but the fame they wear is fickle.Their fall from grace can be swift and unforgiving. I am in awe of the silent heroes… volunteers

The men and women who give freely of their time to help others. Their only reward at the end of the day is probably just a smile or a handshake, a simple “thank-you” but they will be back tomorrow and the day after.  Each one just a tiny point of light but together they  make a difference in the lives of those they reach out to…the poor, the lonely, the sick and elderly.

I open the door and prepare to do battle on the darkened porch. Perhaps I will let one of two of them bite me…not.

in a noisy room

even the lowly mosquito

can make himself heard





Carpe Diem #436, companionship

1 Apr

Carpe Diem #436, companionship

great_horned_owl_alberta_20120112great horned owl

seeking companionship

under a blanket of stars

Carpe Diem #435, Awe

31 Mar

Carpe Diem #435, Awe, our first ”modern” kigo of spring



sun on the maples

my tall stack of pancakes

awaits the bounty



Paleontology 101

30 Mar

Written for:

Sunday Photo Fiction: March 30th 2014

Celebrating their first anniversary this week. Congratulations Al for a job well done.

53 03 March 30th 2014

Paleontology 101

When Dr. Charles Ozgood died, the paleontology community remembered him as an idiot. His life’s work was fodder for laughter and ridicule at digs the world over.

Somewhat of a loner, he had worked on a site for over thirty years. By himself he had painstakingly reassembled “his” dinosaur one bone at a time.

Everyone scoffed at him, insisting that what he built was an assembly of several species but Dr. Oz steadfastly maintained the existence of the squarasaurus.

Nearly fifty years after his death, a monstrous hurricane has left an amazing discovery piled up on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

With the arrival of these square fossilized eggs the doctor will now be hailed a genius.



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